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Meet the Book Vibe Team

Hey there! We are Rosie, William, and Vanessa, the passionate team behind Book Vibe, and our collective love for books spans over three decades.

For us, books are nothing less than magical portals whisking you away from the monotonous reality and indulging you in captivating journeys. We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power that literature holds.

Although we are different individuals, since our childhood, we were the kids who could devour an entire book in a day, cherishing every story, every word. That’s when we decided to get as close to books as possible and embarked our journeys as writers, readers, novelists, and literary enthusiasts.

Here at Book Vibe, our target is crystal clear. We are here to guide you to brilliant authors and offer you the most fantastic reads; one better than the other. Our motto is being friendly, open, and most importantly honest about book reviews. We are committed to providing unbiased literary guidance and fostering a welcoming reading community for everyone.

Hence, whether you’re merely putting your fingers in the world of literature or a lifelong bookworm, we are here to make your experience vivid and make the wonders of reading more accessible. Find your next favorite literary piece here at BookVibe. Thanks for being a part of this literature journey!

Meet The Founder

Rosie Langello

Rosie Langello has always been keen and passionate about reading books from different genres. Since her teenage years, she found tranquility and peace of mind reading these books which eventually led her to get an English Literature degree from Rutgers University. Afterward, books were indispensable to recharging her and giving her life more meaning.

The journey of Book Vibe was paved by her, starting in 2005, with enthusiastic readers just like Rosie. She along with her team has precisely read, analyzed, and reviewed a variety of books to bring forth you the best selections. And with this strategic book discovery, leading media like the Guardian, and Forbes has featured Book Vibe several times.

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Rosie Langello, BookVibe Founder

Meet Our Writers

William Pearce, The Author

William Pearce
Chief Editor & Author

Hey, I am William, an engineer by chance and a bookworm by choice. You’ve probably heard that quote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” If life is giving away immortality for free, why not just take it? So I did. I mean, what could be more fun than switching characters?

One day, you can fight You-know-who with your magic wand, and the next day, you are Sherlock, solving murders. Books have always been my safe place; talking about those pages has never bored me. What do I aspire to be? A storyteller, maybe? Until then, why don’t I put a smile on your face with all those quirky stories I have read so far?

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Zarin Tasnim

Zarin Tasnim is an aspiring researcher and an engineer in the making with a knack for the spotlight – largely occupied by writing pieces – presumably, an author in the making too. For the past twenty years or so, the alleged author has been navigating her potential – a demographic she usually refuses to consort with – or at best, making peace with her strengths (read shortcomings).

When the earthly-mortal combat feels too heavy on her tiny shoulders, Ms. Tasnim happens to have two tinier shoulders to share it with – her two cats – spreading it to her stray lovers until gravity refuses to exhaust her. She prefers reading to mortal companions – her family has a mixed version of reality on this, till then, up to the reader’s imagination.

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Zarin Tasnim, Writer

Meet Other Staff

Vanessa Baker

Vanessa Baker
Media Manager

Greetings to my fellow bookworms! This is Vanessa Baker, a long-time bibliophile and of course the social media manager of this website. I’ve embarked on my book-reading journey since the beginning of time. Beyond a certain genre or age, my passion for books is unending, like a flame that just cannot be extinguished!

While my friends traveled from one city to another, from mountains to the ocean, from one culture to another, I traveled light-years beyond this world to different worlds and universes, thanks to my books! Nope, my journey with books isn’t mere leisure but indeed a love affair told with inks.

Ok, that’s enough of my intro, what am I doing here? Well, I was meant to be a part of this amazing journey of literature that orchestrates the symphony of my fellow book lovers, their vivid perspectives and opinions. We, together as a family celebrate the unending magic of books. This isn’t work for me, this is my passion! Any time other than working, you’ll just catch me off-guard with literature pieces and sometimes a cup of coffee. My love for books seems to have gone beyond my love for coffee; only if you could see the wonders of literature through my eyes!

Please, reach us for general queries and comments – here at contact us.