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Who am I?

I’m William Pearce, founder of Book Vibe. As a graduate of English Literature at Rutgers University, I have been very passionate about reading versatile genres of books. These books are like life sources to me. They energize me and make me more willful to live a better life!

In 2005, I created Book Vibe to connect readers with captivating reads. My team and I have curated selections, and an all-knowing algorithm guides you to epic books. Also, we are a leading authority in book discovery as Book Vibe is featured in The Guardian, Forbes, and more!

I love taking my 9-year-old kid to any book fair near my home, especially in Newark. Often, he asks me, “Dad, tell me a story…” I smile again and again, then make him happy by telling stories from those books I have read.

William Pearce The Author