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Too Late by Colleen Hoover: Chapter Summary, Spoiler, Characters and Ending Explained!

I started reading Too Late with zero expectations. I mean, come on! How good can this free project be? I heard Colleen Hoover wrote this book as an escape from her writer’s block. Honestly speaking, this charity book turned out incredible (I know CoHo was equally shocked)!

Too Late Colleen Hoover Summary

In my view. Too Late is everything that it promises. ‘Morbid,’ ‘Fun,’ and ‘Twisted.’ Yes, there are explicit sex scenes (way too many)! So, you might call it spicey, too.

I admire this novel solely because of the plot. Colleen Hover went fearlessly with the raw emotions of the three main characters, and she gracefully pulled it off.

Let’s delve deep into Too Late Colleen Hoover summary and Ending Explained in this write-up. Shall we?

Too Late Colleen Hoover Summary and Spoiler (Trigger Warning): The Love Triangle Ending Explained

Too Late

Well, Colleen Hoover has tried something out of her shell with Too Late. What started as a regular free website publishing ended up as a full-fledged book. Claps for CoHo.

Our queen author has fumbled at many points in the novel. Logically speaking, she drew two endpoints in the book and kept adding an epilogue, prologue, and what not to give away more insight into the characters.

I am not sure how that would work for other authors. But CoHo sure knows how to pull off anything extraordinary.

Anyway, if I must start, I have found Too Late’s narration better than that of many books. CoHo tweaked her own style to an extent without ruining the magic. I enjoyed that thoroughly.

This is not a thriller. But the story flows in a direction that forces you to turn the page.

Yes, you will find raunchy sex scenes on every other page. And there are some twisted thoughts lingering here and there. Did CoHo add those adult scenes for the sake of the plot? Well, I want to believe that, too. But unfortunately, I think that is a little too much.

I cover every possible detail in below of my Too Late chapter summary copy. So, let’s start, and no more talking!

Their Past Is A Bit Too Messy!

I always believe that your past shapes your present. Whatever personality you own today, it is the gift of those traumas and blessings. Colleen Hoover has proved me right with Too Late.

As you unfold the plot, you will realize all three main characters, Solan, Asa, and Luke (I am not going to use his undercover name. Sorry), are the products of their pasts.

Asa’s dad was a total dick. He was a schizophrenic, but our dude was not a fan of medications. His morbid imagination put his entire family in misery. He accused his wife of cheating on him with multiple men and killed her in the end.

This daddy cool then forced his twisted masculine thoughts on Asa. No wonder Asa is so fucked up and possessive about Solan. There goes the famous line, “Never love the whores.”

Solan’s family is no better. Her mom was an addict and not capable of taking care of her children. Solan had to take a stand and be the mom her brothers needed.

In this little life, Solan had to encounter those random dudes her mom was sleeping with and the death of one of her younger brothers. Stephen is all she has now, and he is in a care center now.

This situation has made this vulnerable and Bitch Solan we see in the present time. You can’t really complain. No?

And Luke, our undercover cop, is too good for this world. His compassion might get everyone killed. But kindness has become so rare that we have started to frown upon this virtue. Frankly speaking, Luke’s character is the hope, the light we miss in this cruel time.

Well, Maybe A Perfect Couple Is A Myth!

A drug dealer in power and a chick who loves this dude blindly sound like a dream filmy couple. Here, I present Solan and Asa. Though the outside world thinks these two are perfect for each other, no one knows the story behind the closed doors.

Umm…A minute into the novel, you will see Solan hates Asa. Don’t worry! She has valid reasons. I mean, no girl wants to date a drug dealer, a cheater, and a rapist. Right?

Ah! Hearts Floating in The Air

Solan’s current situation is more pathetic than I have described. All she wants is to end her college year and run away as far as possible from Asa. Flirting with another guy is the last thing on her mind.

But you know how destiny works. Right? You get tangled up in the most unexpected situation at the wrong time.

The moment Solan meets Luke, she knows she is in trouble. She falls for this guy almost instantly, and the feeling is mutual for both parties.

And here comes the twist. Luke is the undercover cop, tailing Asa’s business and pretending to be one of his own. Getting involved in a relationship with Asa’s girlfriend will only get him killed.
But we are talking about feelings and hearts here. Since when did the heart listen to logic?

So, our Romeo and Juliet keep meeting on every occasion they get. Soon, they declare their love for each other.

And Asa? Sure, he is not dumb, and he can clearly see the spark between Luke and Solan. Luckily, they are good actors, and they have to put no extra effort into fooling our drug lord.

They Say It Right! You Can’t Hide the Truth Forever!

You have to give it to Solan. She is damn smart. It does not take her long to reveal Luke’s real identity.

Well, I was hoping she would be mad at Luke, and a big fat twist would be on the way. But nothing of that sort happened. Luke and Solan patch up almost immediately.

Now, don’t you treat Asa as a dumbo. He stages a great drama to discover the truth, and Luke falls right into the trap. Things get nasty, and Asa ends up shooting Luke in the chest.

Do not get angry. Asa also gets injured in this mess.

When Luke and his cop partner try to press charges against Asa, they fail. I guess Asa is a lucky bastard. However, he is under surveillance and can’t meet Solan.

Luke and Solan move to a safe house and start a new life together.

Too Late Ending Explained

Everything is going just great. Asa is not a headache now, Luke is back on his career track, and Solan is working on her passion.

But the couple gets the shock when they find out that Solan is pregnant. Of course, this is not bad news. However, Solan thinks Asa can be the father of this child.

You can only imagine how hard the news will be for Luke. But as I said, Luke stands for hope in this novel. He reassures Solan that he has no problem raising Asa’s child. As long as he has Solan, he can be anything the world wants him to be.

I wish someone could have put some sense into Asa’s mind. He starts acting psychotic just as he finds out about the baby. The next moment you know, he is there in Solan’s apartment, forcing her to leave Luke.

Thank God Luke senses something is wrong in the apartment and reaches on time. In the heat of the moment, he shoots Asa, and he dies there and then.

Even though I hated Asa for the most part of the novel, I still do not think he deserves to die. Colleen Hoover could have worked on his character and prepared a comeback for him. He has suffered all his life just to be loved, and it got him killed. This is just sad.

I was bummed out by Too Late by Colleen Hoover Ending like this.

Anyway, keeping Asa’s tragedy aside, Solan and Luke get the life they want. Solan gives birth to a boy, and they live happily ever after.

Characters of the Novel Explained!

I recently finished Heart Bones by CoHo, and I was not very happy with the character buildups. For obvious reasons, I thought the same would happen with this novel.

However, to my surprise, Collen Hoover has done wonders with the main characters in this book. In fact, you will feel pity even for the villain.

Without further ado, let’s dissect the characters real quick.


My friend said Solan was a bitch. Sadly, I do not disagree with her completely. But you can say that’s just one perspective.

Anyway, Solan is a freeloader, as per many comments. You are not wrong. Then again, you are focusing on only one side of the coin.

Think about Solan as a whole. She will be barely 20, and at this young age, she has a brother to take care of. If Stephan were normal, things would be easier for her. But unfortunately, he has disabilities and keeping him in a care home is something Solan can’t afford.

So, if you think living off Asa is selfish, then maybe Solan is cheap. Yet, I would say anyone would do what Solan had done if it were for survival.

In my view, the only selfish move from Solan is her zero interest in Asa. I mean, you are in a live-together kind of relationship, and you know nothing about your partner’s past. That is so great, Solan! And on top of that, you are flirting with a stranger. God!

Yup, Solan is not my favorite. I highly doubt her choices and decisions in this novel. She gets raped by Asa night after night, and she does not say a word about it until later. What kind of message does it convey?

Even after all these, I will give Solan full credit for her courage, compassion, and struggle. Not every teen can take care of her disabled brothers.


From the very start, I knew I was going to hate Asa. He is a drug dealer, and he treats his girl like an object. Some might call him a male chauvinistic pig, and I would not disagree.

I can clearly see that Asa loves Solan. But his love language is not so soft. On one hand, Asa is cheating with Solan with literally every other girl. But then again, he can kill the entire world to have Solan.

As I said, his love language is different and might seem confusing to many. But here is the twist.
Asa’s childhood was traumatic. His dad had a mental illness, and that sicko had fed Asa with all kinds of patriarchal shit. Adding more to this emotional slump, Asa’s dad had killed his mom.

Of course, as a child, Asa didn’t know what was going on. And now, as a grown-up, he is mentally fucked up.

Honestly, I pity Asa. All he wants is pure love, and I see nothing wrong with that. Yes, his approach is disgusting, but we are in no place to complain. We haven’t experienced his trauma after all.

Asa’s death sounded like a victory, though it made me sad. I was hoping CoHo would make him come back as a better person. Well, the reality is harsh and such raw feelings make Too Late so real.

Carter/ Luke

What can I say about Luke? He is caring and, yup, a good boy. I wouldn’t mind if you called him Mr. Right for Solan.

Frankly speaking, Luke is no less than a savior for our heroine. He has taken a stand for Solan wherever and whenever necessary.

People might think he is not desperate enough for Solan like Asa. I agree. But is desperation mandatory for love? Also, do not forget Luke took a bullet for Solan. Besides, he was okay with the child Solan was carrying. If maturity is not love, then I do not know what is.

Anyway, Luke’s character seems dull compared to Solan’s or Asa’s. His sense of humor is on point, which is a good thing. And yes, Luke might be a pervert, at least for Solan. I can’t really say whether it is a bad thing or not.

Too Late Colleen Hoover Quotes: These Lines Hit Hard

I have always cringed over those readers who collect and flaunt quotes from a book. Aggh! I never thought I would do that one day. To be real honest, Too Late has some kickass and deep lines, not mentioning those will be an injustice. Also, I truly believe these quotes will help you understand the novel and connect to the characters even more.

Here are my 5 favorite quotes from Too Late by CoHo,

  1. “And that’s where love finds you… in the tragedies.” – Luke/ Carter
  2. “Love. Love is not found. Love finds.” – Luke/ Carter
  3. “He hugs me. That’s all he does. He hugs me tightly without a word, yet I can feel everything he’s saying.” – Solan
  4. “I held every fucking door open for Sloan that I could find.” – Asa
  5. “I cried because I realized that no matter who he’s become, a part of me is still in love with him…because I don’t know how not to be.” – Solan

Is Too Late by Colleen Hoover A StandAlone Book?

Too Late, the story of dangerous and passionate love, is a stand-alone novel. You can shoot for this book even if you are new to the CoHo universe.

Many readers have confused the Too Late book with the 2022 Too Late series. I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news. But the novel and the series are not the same.

However, I can see the potential this novel has. I will not be surprised if some producer turns the plot into a movie or a series. With love, revenge, and redemption, the production will surely be a mega-hit.

Should You Read Too Late by Colleen Hoover?

Too Late is very different from any other CoHo project. The author herself agrees that this book is close to her heart, and it is surely reflected in the plot.

I understand if you have complaints about the raunchy scenes and the morbid thoughts floating in the storylines. But guys! We have seen worse in other books!

So, stop huffing and give this novel a read already. Will you? The hardcore romance will not disappoint you. That is for sure.