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Confess by Colleen Hoover Summary: A True Masterpiece Book Review, Characters and Ending Explained

I recently read Colleen Hoover’s Confess without any expectations. I’d heard negative connotations about this book before, never lent my ears to it. I read the book and now know why.

Don’t give me that eye roll. I know Colleen Hoover’s writings are… suited to a specific, niche audiences. Some call it trash, even.

Confess by Colleen Hoover Summary

My mind warned me several times before buying this book. Yet, I picked up Confess and found several things that didn’t suit my taste (with SOME positives).

Does it mean Confess is good? Umm… Not really (Come on, guys! Every book has its pitfalls). Confess has large ones. You know, those you drop from and never come back alive?

Wondering why am I so pissed at this book? Well, I hope this Confess by Colleen Hoover summary helps you understand my point.

Confess Colleen Hoover Summary: No Spoiler! Go Ahead


Auburn is desperately looking for a second job. She has to turn around her life at any cost. Destiny takes her to Owen’s art studio. He is an enigmatic young artist who creates magic with his brush strokes.

Sure, there is a spark between them. Love is lingering in the air. But neither Auburn nor Owen can afford to lose their hearts now.

There are things they need to take care of. There are secrets wrapped around their souls like scars. Auburn and Owen can either confess and come clean or let the darkness swallow their happiness.

Confess Book Summary with Spoilers & Honest Review

I don’t go into a book with a bias or a negative attitude toward the author. Confess wasn’t any different. I’ll be honest with my review as usual.

Confess is a light and easy read. It took me around 4 hours to finish the book.

Like any other CoHo novel, this book cover was on point (not too simple or flashy).

This time, Colleen Hoover took the liberty to add several paintings to this novel. I must admit. This was a pretty impressive move.

Obviously, those paintings are not mind-blowing, and neither do they have artistic values (from my perspective). But these drawings have brought a certain sense of depth to the plot. I especially enjoyed the title of each painting.

Confess Colleen Hoover Spoiler

Now, let’s talk about Colleen Hoover’s writing style for a while. Even though I find her stories “Not So Compelling,” I have to give her all the credit for her sense of delivery.

She has this charm of mesmerizing the readers. They cannot stop even when they know the story is going nowhere. Honestly speaking, that CoHo magic is somewhat missing in Confess. I literally dragged myself through those pages.

Okay! Enough of this jibber jabber. Let’s move to the main plot.

NB. This is not a chapter-by-chapter summary of Confess. But I am sure you will get a clear picture of the entire book.

A Little Backstory Is Necessary

The plot starts with Aurbun’s teen memory. She is just 15, and the love of her life, Adam, hospitalized and dying.

Auburn is with Adam, taking care of him in his last days. But guys! She is only 15. Of course, no one is taking this teen couple seriously.

Adam’s mom, Lydia, and brother, Trey, are also eyeing Auburn. They still don’t understand how these kids can be so emotionally invested in each other.

Auburn’s parents are also against this drama. They are already struggling to bring food to the table and have no time for this nonsense. So, they want Auburn back from the hospital.

Regardless of what the world says, what Auburn and Adam feel is real. One quote from Adam will help you understand the depth of their relationship, “I’ll love you forever. Even when I can’t.”

Now that Auburn has to leave, she only wants a little more time with Adam. But reality is harsh, and she has to accept it anyway.

Before catching the plane, Auburn and Adam make love in the hospital bed. CoHo has given an explicit description of their sex. Considering their age, such detailing is disturbing. However, you are reading a Colleen Hoover novel, after all. You’ll find readers calling it, “Passionate.”

Hey, you do you, people.

The Beginning of a New Love Story

Five years into the future, Auburn is struggling to pay her bills with her hairdressing assignments. And now, she needs a lawyer. How will she manage the money? She must look for a second job. But wherever she goes, it is a dead end.

Wait! Why does Auburn suddenly need a lawyer? Well, you will know whenever the time is right. Until then, go where the story takes you.

When walking down the blocks with a world of thoughts, Auburn’s eyes get stuck on a job flyer. Finally! A sign from God!

Auburn takes the flyer and enters the hall, unaware of what awaits her. And right at the entrance, she meets her potential boss, Owen, for the first time.

Our hero, Owen, runs an art gallery. But mind it. This is not like any typical art studio. He collects confessions from real people and converts them into paintings.

As an art enthusiast, I have found this idea very unique and intriguing. We get glimpses of these paintings on every other page of this novel.

Anyway, Owen is open for tonight, and he desperately needs a hand. His assistant, who was also his girlfriend, broke up with him, leaving him deep in the water. Now, if Auburn is kind enough to fill the position at the last minute, he will pay her more than the market rate.

Money! That’s what Auburn needs right now. So, she does not think twice before saying yes to the job. Besides the bucks, she actually likes the vibe of that art studio, and of course, she might have a little crush on Owen, too.

Oh! Here is a fun fact about Auburn and Owen. They both have the same middle name. Coincidental? Maybe!

Now, This Is Super Weird

Owen’s POV adds another mystery to the story. The moment he recognizes Auburn, he is shocked. He is in awe and cannot believe his luck. Destiny has brought Auburn close to him once again. This time, he must protect her at any cost.

How does Owen know Auburn? Were they friends in childhood? If yes, then why does Auburn not recognize Owen? I mean, they have the same name. You do not forget that bit so easily.

Another mystery to confess? Sure.

A Dreamy Night & A Slap from The Reality

After a successful exhibition, Owen takes Auburn to party. At first, Auburn was not sure. She barely enjoyed herself after Adam’s death (Yes, guys! Adam died). But Owen seems different. She can finally imagine a future with this guy.

The night is going smoothly. Owen is at Auburn’s apartment (Don’t worry! Nothing happened between them).

Owen cannot leave the opportunity to meet Auburn again. So, he asks her out, and she says yes. But the most pathetic shit happens when Owen stands Aubrun up.

Isn’t Owen an ass? It definitely seems like that.

Auburn is already pissed at Owen, and suddenly, Trey enters the scene. You remember Trey? He is Adam’s brother.

Trey warns Aurbun not to mingle with Owen. He says Owen is a bad influence, and she should keep her distance from that spoiled brat.

Auburn knows Trey is probably saying the right thing. But we are talking about the heart, Chico! She cannot just forget this stranger.

Destiny rolls the dice and Owen and Aurbun meet again. Our princess is angry for sure, yet she cannot hide her smile. She was craving for Owen, after all.

Auburn’s happiness does not last long. Owen drops his suspense bomb. He is moving out.

Guys! We Have Our First Confession

It’s totally okay if Owen wants to leave the studio. But where is he going? Why is he moving out all of a sudden? Owen has no answer to give, not yet. But he has a request. He wants Auburn to spend the last days with him.

Auburn does not want Owen to leave. But if he is leaving and she can collect more memories of him, she will do anything for that.

Fooling around the entire day, Owen and Auburn reach Auburn’s apartment. And there you go! They have an uninvited guest.

I hope you haven’t forgotten about Lydia just yet. Yes, I am talking about Adam’s mom. She pays Auburn a visit with a kid, AJ. Owen’s jaws drop when he finds out that AJ is Auburn’s son.

You have read that right. Auburn has a son!

The hot sex on the hospital bed made Auburn pregnant. She was 15, and yet she didn’t want an abortion. Yes, it’s her right to refuse. Yet, she was underage at the time, wouldn’t it be appropriate if she had aborted? I’d leave it to you guys to decide.

Auburn’s parents could not afford an infant. So, Lydia and Trey volunteer to raise her child. They convinced Auburn to give them legal custody of AJ.

And now, they do not let Auburn see her own son. Once a week at dinner, that’s all the time Auburn gets with AJ. Of course, she wants more. No wonder she is hiring a lawyer to fight her custody case (one mystery down, guys).

In fact, Auburn is hoping she will win the case up until now. Lydia sees Owen and gives a disappointing look to Auburn. She leaves with AJ, making it clear that such slutty behavior does not suit a mom.

It goes without saying that Auburn is shattered. She can clearly see her son going away from her life.

In this chaos, Trey pays them a visit. Did I tell you Trey is a police officer? He tells Auburn that Owen is a criminal. He himself had arrested Owen for possession. Soon, he will either be arrested or sent to rehab.

What now?

Owen does not protest anything. What Trey says is true, but not entirely. He has to tell his side of the story to Auburn.

Dumbfucked with all these truths, Auburn does not know how to react. But she surely does not want to do anything with Owen.

Auburn Is Creating a Mess

Owen is away in jail. And Auburn finally focuses on AJ. How can she have him? The opportunity falls in her lap.

Supposedly, Trey has feelings for Auburn. He comes clean to her and makes her understand the entire situation. If she marries him, she will have AJ there and then. Also, he is the only father figure AJ has. There is more to it. Lydia approves of this relationship.

Auburn knows Trey is her solution. But she hates this guy, and most importantly, she still loves Owen.

As you know, people convince themselves to do the dumbest things. Auburn is no different. She enters a relationship with this Trey bastard.

Well, she goes crazy once again when Owen comes out of jail. What will she do now? She can clearly see the pain in Owen’s eyes.

And the dirtiest thing happens after this. Trey tries to force himself on Auburn. Luckily, her roommate steps in at the right moment and saves her. This incident is an eye-opener for Auburn.

She has to fight. She cannot have her son the easiest way. If she does not stand up now, what will AJ learn? Just like a perfect protagonist, Auburn goes head-to-head with Lydia and Trey. And, of course, she wins.

It’s Time for Owen’s Secret

Apparently, Owen was never a drug. Once, on a family trip, he was in the driving seat, and the car crashed. He lost his mom and brother, and his father went into a coma.

The loss was heavy for his father, and he got hooked up to pills. That night, when Trey arrested Owen, he took the fall for his dad. Yes, he went to jail for his dad, too.

Owen has another secret. She knew Auburn from somewhere. Around the time Adam died, his dad was in the same hospital. He used to watch Auburn and Adam talking all the time.

The day Auburn left, Owen walked up to Adam with a painting. Owen found it very funny that Auburn and he had the same middle name. Right then, Adam told him that she was his destiny.

Owen did not forget this. So, when he saw Auburn in his studio, he knew that fate brought them close together. This time, they have made it to the happily ever after.

Let’s Talk About the OMG Confess Characters

The story revolves around only Auburn and Owen. Trey makes sudden appearances every now and then. That’s all. I do not count AJ, Lydia, Adam, Emory, or Harrison as strong characters. They did nothing throughout the book.

Confess Colleen Hoover Characters

I would have understood if CoHo had worked on Auburn and Owen. But no. These main characters also lack depth. No wonder I could not connect to any of them.

Anyway, let’s talk about these cliche characters in brief.


In my eyes, Auburn is a good girl. Of course, she is a bit dull. But Owen compliments that side. And I cannot blame her either. Not everyone gives birth to a child at 15.

Her love for AJ seems genuine. But sadly, CoHo forgot to add emotional scenes between this mother and son.

Auburn is confused as hell. She is literally double-dating, and somehow, that is justified. When Trey forces her, she does nothing. What a coward!

Even after Emory saves her, she thinks about forgiving Trey. What a loser!


Umm… I think Owen is the only character with clarity in this book. Also, he is the sane one. I appreciate his sacrifice for his family.

But then again, everything went wrong in his life because of him. So, I really don’t know if he deserves any sympathy.


There is not much on Lydia in the book. But from whatever description we have got, it seems like she is a vamp. She is separating a mom from her son. Besides, she is supporting an assault.

I understand she is wrong. But I have a different perspective. Definitely, I am not justifying her behavior and judgments towards Auburn.

But I’ll not blame her when she does not want to give up custody. Have you seen Auburn? That girl is immature and a mess. So, her concerns were genuine.


I hate Trey. For a long time, I was confused about whether he really loved Auburn or not. But when Owen described Trey’s perverted look, I was sure he was faking the emotion.

Only a man like him could assault a girl. Not to mention his possessive behavior towards Auburn, which was kind of sick. I would pay to see his downfall like a sadist.

Should You Read Confess?

Is Confess by Colleen Hoover a Series

Do you have time to kill? Yes? Then, sure, go ahead! But here is a fair warning. This novel might spoil some of your mood, too.

Come on, guys! This book won’t appeal to everyone. I, for one, still do not understand how it got the flashy reviews on Goodreads.

People keep asking me whether there is a series on Confess. Well, yes. The book’s popularity went so crazy that a series on the same story was aired in 2017. This romance drama has a 7.5 rating on IMDb.

If you ask me, it’s not bad. But Coho has better books than this one. Choose a good book (not this trash) from our exclusive 2024 suggestions.