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12 Best Colleen Hoover Books Ranked by Her Fans

Whether you are here because Booktok finally made its way to your TikTok for you. Page or to understand the hype over Colleen Hoover’s books, don’t worry because I have got you covered!

Best Colleen Hoover Books Ranked

Being a diehard classic romance novel fan, I was stepping into uncharted territories of modern romance novels a few years back. Without a doubt, the first suggestion that popped up in the book community was none other than Colleen Hoover’s books.

It’s a safe bet that I’ve read the best Colleen Hoover books ranked before Booktok turned it into a trend and got everyone to jump on the bandwagon. Hence, if you want an honest review of Coho books, you’ve come to the right place.

What Kinds of Books Does Colleen Hoover Write?

While CoHo claims to not be restricted by the ideology of a genre, her works mostly focus on the new adult contemporary romance genre. It’s the most popular genre her fans cherish.

However, her works from other genres are not to be understated. Verity, for example, is the best piece of writing aside from It Ends With Us, despite being a psychological thriller.

The BookVibe Staff published an article on Colleen Hoover’s books and the order anyone should read them in. Feel free to give that piece a read.

What Are the Best Colleen Hoover Books?

2022 was the year for Colleen Hoover as she conquered BookTok and claimed her throne, holding six out of the top 10 spots on The New York Times’s paperback fiction best-seller list. She has sold 8.6 million print books, more than copies of the Bible, according to NYPD Bookscan, just in the year 2022.

So, what are the books that earned Colleen Hoover her The New York Times’s best-seller title?

The book that rose her to popularity is none other than It Ends with Us. But, the book’s success didn’t upend the book community overnight.

Published back in 2016, the book earned some praise. However, thanks to CoHo’s marketing campaign, she was able to capitalize on the budding era of BookTok and Bookstagram.

BookTok aided in the rise of the Colleen Hoover phenomenon, which ultimately sold 120,997 copies of It Start With Us, which is the sequel to It Ends With Us, in its first week.

Although the checklist above is one of the top rated CoHo books, her marketing strategies earned her recent surge in popularity.

Keep on reading to find out the best Colleen Hoover books checklist!

Best Colleen Hoover Books Ranked as Per My Standards

Hands down, this is my favorite segment of book reviews. It works as the one-of-a-kind guide on how to start reading CoHo books or find out the holy grail checklist of everyone’s favorites.

Her best book, with the number one ranking, is the one that most readers enjoyed no matter their favorite genre. Undoubtedly, it will be the best one for you, regardless of your favorite genre.

Let’s explore Colleen Hoover’s must-read checklist!

Colleen Hoover’s must-read checklist
Colleen Hoover’s must-read checklist

1. It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us

It Ends with Us is the ultimate fan favorite and best Colleen Hoover book. It earned the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance and #1 New York Times Bestseller status to this day despite being released in 2016.

My readers will boo me if this doesn’t make it number one on the checklist. Boy, oh boy! Everyone, and I mean it when I say EVERYONE loves this book. The sheer number of these books sold can make up the population of an entire country!

This romantic story has a special place in my heart because not only was it the first CoHo book I read, but also because of the power CoHo has in her writing, you can’t help but empathize with the main protagonists.

It Ends with Us earned Colleen Hoover her title of “Queen of New Adult Contemporary Romance!” New Adult or Young Adult is the best-selling genre of this day and age.

It provides a fresh and realistic view of romance novels that allows the readers to relate, in a sense, to modern fairytales.

If there was a character that embodied the quote, It Takes Both Sunshine And Rain To Make A Rainbow, it’d be Lily Bloom. Despite her tumultuous childhood in a toxic household, she created the life she always desired.

Things began to take an unexpected turn when she met Ryle Kincaid, a confident neurosurgeon with a strict no-relationship policy.

Despite their initial clash, there’s a strong attraction between them that neither can deny. However, Ryle’s firm stance on avoiding commitments leaves Lily conflicted about pursuing a deeper connection.

It Ends with Us is a deeply emotional and thought-provoking novel that challenges the reader to consider the nuances of difficult situations.

2. Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

Second on our top-ranked Colleen Hoover checklist is Maybe Someday! Another new adult contemporary romance hit from CoHo that was published nearly a decade ago in 2014 and still managed to hold a place in our hearts.

I bring out my copy of Maybe Someday whenever I get nostalgic for those 2010s romcoms because it could truly be adapted into movies like Love, Rosie, or 500 Days of Summer.

The story begins with a fellow The Walking Dead fan, Sydney Blake, who lives in her own idyllic bubble with her “perfect” boyfriend, Hunter.

Unfortunately, the bubble breaks when she discovers her boyfriend’s affair with her best friend and roommate, Tori, ON HER BIRTHDAY. I mean, where do male characters get such audacity?

Despite her recent heartbreak, Sydney’s connection with Ridge grows stronger through their shared love for music. Ridge is intrigued by Sydney’s musical abilities, and they begin to collaborate on songwriting.

Their creative partnership turns into a deep and genuine friendship, and they confide in each other about their personal struggles.

The story takes an intricate turn when Sydney discovers that Ridge has been communicating with Maggie through sign language, as she is deaf.

This revelation adds another layer of complexity to their relationships and emotions. Sydney must navigate her feelings for Ridge while respecting the boundaries of Ridge’s existing relationship.

Maybe Someday beautifully explores themes of love, loyalty, friendship, and the blurred lines between platonic and romantic connections.

3. Verity


It was the first Colleen Hoover novel for which I sacrificed my sleep to finish reading it in just one night. Despite being a die-hard classic romance novel lover, this psychological thriller by CoHo truly brings out the essence of her versatile writing.

I can go on and on about Verity (2018)!

Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer burdened by financial woes, is presented with a life-changing opportunity when she’s asked to complete a bestselling book series authored by Verity Crawford, a successful writer who cannot write due to an accident.

As Lowen delves into Verity’s work, she discovers a hidden manuscript that contains Verity’s deepest and darkest confessions. The revelations within this manuscript are shocking and disturbing.

It becomes evident that Verity is far from the innocent persona the public knew her as. The manuscript hints at Verity’s jealousy, manipulation, and involvement in her children’s death.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Lowen and Jeremy form a close bond as they uncover the truth behind Verity’s actions and mental state. Their connection goes beyond their professional collaboration, and they develop romantic feelings.

The story navigates the complexities of human psychology and the consequences of hidden truths, making it a captivating and suspenseful read for those who enjoy romantic thrillers that delve into the darker aspects of human nature.

One thing to note is the number of young mothers or new mothers who have come forward on Reddit and Goodreads since CoHo gained worldwide popularity is how triggering and mentally harming the vivid descriptions of child abuse in Verity affected them.

Read our verity Colleen Hoover summary and review to find out why we said what we did just now.

4. Ugly Love

Ugly Love

Ugly Love is another young adult contemporary romance hit by Colleen Hoover. The book was published in 2014 and is an unputdownable book that battles the conflicts of Love at first sight and the brother’s best friend trope.

Tate Collins is a nursing student who moves to San Francisco to live with her brother Corbin. Her world turns unexpectedly when she meets Corbin’s best friend and neighbor, Miles Archer.

Miles is a pilot with a tragic past. Despite their immediate and intense attraction, he’s adamant about keeping their relationship purely physical.

Tate becomes determined to uncover the truth behind Miles’ emotional distance as their physical connection deepens. She’s intrigued by the glimpses of vulnerability he occasionally shows, and she believes there’s more to him than he’s letting on.

Amid their encounters, Tate learns about Miles’ past Love, Rachel, who was central to the tragedy that shattered his ability to form meaningful relationships.

Through its evocative storytelling and deeply relatable characters, Ugly Love captures the transformative journey of healing and finding Love when it’s least expected.

We’ve recently published a blog where we went on a detailed character analysis, an ugly love book summary, and our own review. You’re most welcome to check out what we had to say in that article.

5. November 9

November 9

Following the trend of new adult contemporary romance, November 9 by Colleen Hoover published in 2015, is another Goodreads favorite. With a whopping 4.18 rating out of 5, November 9 is a beloved CoHo novel for Goodreads users.

Fallon meets Ben on November 9, a date that becomes a significant marker in their lives. Fallon, a young woman with burn scars on her face and body from a traumatic incident, has been avoiding relationships and focusing on her acting career.

Ben, a budding novelist, is haunted by a past mistake and his inability to move forward.

Their first encounter is spontaneous and heartfelt, sparking a connection neither of them can ignore. Despite the strong attraction, Fallon is moving to New York the next day, and they agree to meet each year on the same date, November 9.

As the years pass, Fallon and Ben realize that their feelings for each other have deepened into a profound love. However, their journey is marked by obstacles, heartbreak, and unexpected twists that challenge the authenticity of their emotions.

Through its emotional storytelling and relatable characters, November 9 showcases the beauty and challenges of love that transcends time and circumstance.

The novel combines romance, introspection, and personal growth, making it a compelling read for those who enjoy stories exploring the intricacies of human connection and the heart’s resilience.

6. Reminders Of Him

Reminders Of Him

Reminders Of Him is the contemporary romance novel published before the sequel to It Ends with Us, It Starts With Us.

Kenna Rowan is released from prison after serving five years for involuntary manslaughter. She was driving drunk when she crashed her car, killing her boyfriend, Scotty Landry.

Kenna has been writing letters to Scotty every day she’s been imprisoned, and she still loves him deeply.

Kenna returns to the town where she and Scotty grew up, hoping to be reunited with her four-year-old daughter, Diem. Diem is being raised by Scotty’s parents, Grace and Patrick.

Landry, who is still grieving Scotty’s death. They are understandably hesitant to let Kenna back into their lives, but they eventually agree to let her visit Diem.

In the end, Kenna can win back custody of Diem. She also forgives herself for Scotty’s death. She knows she will never forget Scotty but can finally move on with her life.

Reminders of Him is a romance novel and a story about grief, forgiveness, and second chances. It is a powerful and moving novel that will stay with you long after reading it.

The book concludes our checklist for top Colleen Hoover books ranked by Goodreads users!

Once again, this is the ranking for the best CoHo books and a beginner’s guide to reading her books. If you don’t know which Colleen Hoover’s book to start with, this is the perfect guide to her books.

7. Point of Retreat

Point Of Retreat

Slammed, the first novel by CoHo didn’t make it to our list (even though it was a huge hit). But its sequel, Point of Retreat, definitely found a spot. Slammed ended on a happy note. So, I was unsure why Colleen bothered to carry the story forward.

Anyway, Point of Retreat is a POV from Will, our hero. His relationship with Layken goes through a rough patch in this novel. Actually, it is understandable. They have a lot on their plates (Come on! Not everyone has to raise their baby brothers).

When Layken and Will are worn down with responsibilities, Vaughn, Will’s ex, enters the picture and complicates their relationship. Layken starts second-guessing Will’s love for her. But Will is not ready to give up yet. He promises Layken that he loves her no matter what.

The next thing you know, Layken is in a car crash and ends up in a coma. Of course, our boy Will never lies. He stands for both families and takes in Layken’s brother.

Even though Will knows Layken is in a coma, he keeps showering her with love and care. Finally, Layken recovers, and the couple gets back together, stronger than ever.

Slammed was okay, and it gave us all about Layken. Point of Retreat is a mirror of Will’s personality. I guess I have enjoyed the novel more because I know the backstory.

So, read Slammed (even though it can be tedious) before judging this novel. I have already added The Girl to my wishlist this year.

8. Without Merit

Without Merit

I have never seen Colleen Hoover struggle this much to stick to a single plot. Without Merit is literally all over the place. I can’t even count how often CoHo has gone off the tracks and returned. Even after all the chaos in the plot, Without Merit still has managed to win hearts (I guess that is the charm of CoHo).

Merit Voss, our main character, is a 17-year-old girl who lives with her out-of-place family. So, there is her twin sister (Honor), her brother (Utah), her half-brother (Moby), her father, her biological mother, and her stepmother. You can only expect drama when so many characters live together under the same roof.

The same thing happened here.

Well, Merit unintentionally falls in love with her twin sister’s boyfriend (Of course, he is unavailable). Heartbroken, Merit runs to her half-uncle Luck, and they try to have sex (it goes nowhere).

A few days later, she discovers that Utah is gay and has a physical relationship with Luck. She really hates Utah, as he assaulted her sexually when she was little.

As things go out of control, Merit finally decides to end her life. Before committing suicide, she writes a letter to everyone confessing her feelings and spilling the secrets. She swallows her mom’s pill (who is acting like a cancer patient) but survives anyway.

Now that the family secrets are out and Merit is still alive, everything gets tangled up. But a family is a family, after all. They sort things out, and Merit finally finds the comfort she seeks.

It is totally okay if the plot goes over your head. Trust me! My constant impression while reading this book was “What Now?”.

CoHo wanted to develop a complicated plot that would emerge as a masterpiece. But she ended up creating a mess.

9. Heart Bones

Heart of Bones

How can I ignore a book with 4.3 Goodreads reviews? So, I gave Heart Bones a read and boy! Did I just read the best CoHo book for real (I have never imagined this day would come)?

The story starts with Beyah moving in with her dad, stepmom, and step-sister. Her mother was a junkie and died from an overdose.

Things move forward, and Beyah discovers Samson, her rich neighbor. They share a Tom-and-Jerry relationship at first. But eventually, both fall for each other. So, it is going to be a happy love story. Right? Far from that.

It turns out that both Beyah and Samson have tons of secrets. Beyah opens up about her mom and her first relationship. Her first love encounter was with a man who used to pay her for each blow job.

This was her income source to beat her poverty (I felt terrible after reading this. It’s not fair. She was just 15).

Samson is not a bad person. Beyah knows this. But she can’t undo the arrest. It is an old lady who comes forward to help Samson. This kind soul even leaves her house in Samson’s name.

And as for Beyah, she comes clean to his dad. He is not a bad person either and shares genuine concerns for Beyah. So, in the end, everything falls in the right place.

Oh God! Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover is far way the best book.

Beyah’s past literally gave me chills. This girl has gone through every cruelty possible just to survive. CoHo did an excellent job of balancing the story. Samson’s struggle hasn’t stolen Beyah’s thunder for sure. You get to feel for both the characters equally.

I personally recommend this book to everyone.

10. Confess


Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it coming. Obviously, Confess will make it to the best Colleen Hoover books ranked.

Confess revolves around Auburn and Owen. Auburn crosses paths with Owen (the young artist) when she is desperately looking for a job. There is a spark between Owen and Auburn in the first meeting. Yet, they decide not to move forward with the feelings because of their messy life.

Apparently, Auburn had a relationship where her boyfriend died (she was just 15). Weeks later, she found herself pregnant, and she was a mother in no time. Because of her situation, her son, AJ, lives with his uncle Trey and his grandma Lydia.

Do I need to mention that Trey and Lydia are abusive and manipulative to Auburn?

When Trey finds out about Owen, he arrests him for drugs. Not only that. He warns Auburn that she will never see AJ again if she continues a relationship with Owen. Just for the sake of AJ, Auburn ends whatever she has with Owen. You may wonder, what happened next? I explained Confess summary, spoilers and characters on a single post.

I will not say Confess is a wholesome book. Sure, it is an easy read, and twists are waiting for you literally on every other page. Yet, for me, this book is not a page-turner.

11. All Your Perfects

All Your Perfects (2018)

The plot opens with Quinn catching her fiance cheating on her. In this fiasco, she meets Gram. Surprisingly, they feel an unspoken connection the moment their eyes lock. So, it is inevitable that Quinn and Gram will fall for each other.

Being a perfect couple, Quinn and Gram get married. Everyone is happy now. Right? Is it the end of the story? Not at all (Don’t forget we are reading a CoHo novel).

Apparently, love is not enough in a marriage. You need kids to complete the family! So, Gram and Quinn try their best to fit into the stereotypical definition of a happy marriage. Well, fate has planned something else.

But this perfect husband image is ruined when Gram cheats on Quinn with another girl. And now, there is nothing left in their marriage.

Moving to the future, Gram and Quinn are living the best days of their life together, deeply in love, not giving a damn to the world. Curtain fall!

People think love is not enough for a happy marriage. But in reality, LOVE is more than enough. It is you who are too blind to see things through.

So, instead of giving up on your marriage, why don’t you give it a shot with all your heart?

12. Regretting You

Regretting You

After the release of Regretting You, the BookTok was swamped with reviews. No one could stop talking about how good and different this book was!

DIFFERENT! That word intrigued me and made me buy this book. This time, Colleen Hoover had tried something out of her comfort zone.

Things between Morgan and Clara, the mother-daughter duo, get worse as Chris (Morgan’s husband and Clara’s father) dies in a tragic car crash. The plot unfolds, featuring the parallel narratives of Morgan and Clara and how they are dealing with their grief.

Of course, time heals everything, and these pretty ladies are bound to move forward.

Clara takes a chance on her crush, Miller. They do stupid teenage stuff, which is pretty hilarious. CoHo has kept her storyline light, and it adds a high-school romance vibe to the book.

Morgan’s story, on the other hand, is dark. The death of her husband reveals secrets that shatter her from the core. It came to light that Chris was cheating on her with Jenny, Morgan’s sister (Can you believe it?), who died in the same accident.

When Morgan is struggling to find a way out of this emotional shithole, Jonah, Jenney’s fiance, comes into her life as a savior. He takes care of Morgan and becomes Clara’s best friend. Now, they are like this big happy family we see on TV. The end.

Aggh! Horrible!

Why are Colleen Hoover Books so Good?

Colleen Hoover’s books are not only for the hopeless romantics and lover girls who have wished for their fairytale romances since they were children, but also for the people to gain a realistic view of love in modern days that doesn’t divert the audience from recognizing real-world problems.

She caters to a variety of audience, and the versatility and real-life emotions in her writing makes it a good read, no matter what the genre is. Her beloved genre, new adult contemporary romance, can be adapted for any age group.

Whether you are a late teenager, boomer, young adult, or millennial, CoHo books will always be relatable for you. The recent trend in young adult readers reaching out for contemporary romance played a big role in relatability.

What Age Is Best for Colleen Hoover Books?

As mentioned earlier, most of Colleen Hoover’s novels fall under the new adult contemporary romance genre. So, what is the new adult contemporary romance genre?

New adult or young adult refers to people between the ages of 18-25. Her target audience is people who have newly entered adulthood or are in their late teens. However, anyone well into their 30s or adults of any age can enjoy CoHo books.

Since the surge in popularity, many people have stepped forward on Reddit and Twitter about the toxic and abusive male characters in her novels. Some even went to the extent of calling her main male characters downright predatorial.

Exposing preteens or new teenagers to such characters and tumultuous circumstances is certainly not appropriate or healthy. Hence, if you are a parent reading this, watch for what genre your kids are reading.

Final Words

Phew! We have reached the end of our journey with Colleen Hoover. How excited are you on a scale of one to ten to explore the treacherous and heartfelt romance books of Colleen Hoover? For me, the scale doesn’t even exist!

Last but not least, I hope this article helped you begin reading Hoover books and learn a little about our favorite young adult contemporary romance author of this generation!