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November 9 Colleen Hoover Summary, Review & Ending Explained: This Book Might Teach You How to Love

It was more or less 7 years ago when I randomly picked up November 9 from the shelf. I had no clue about the author or what the storyline could be. And there it was! My first encounter with Colleen Hoover.

The first few pages were enough to suck me into the plot, and within a few hours, I was done reading the novel. I didn’t think highly of the plot, but sure as hell, I was impressed with the magical writing style of CoHo.

November 9 Colleen Hoover Summary

I have been thumbing through CoHo novels recently and thought of re-reading November 9. Surprisingly, I misunderstood or completely overlooked many emotions going on in this book in my previous read.

This November 9 by Colleen Hoover summary expresses everything I think about the novel.

What is November 9th About? November 9 Book Summary with Zero Spoiler

November 9

Someone said, “It takes only one second to fall in love.” Well, Ben and Fallon have an entire day.

On the very first meet, both know there is a connection there. But is a one-night fling worth dumping your dreams? Of course, not!

None of them wants those lovey-dovey cringe relationships. So, when Ben proposes that they should meet only once every year on November 9th, Fallon says yes right away.

Sounds like One Day? Agh! You judge too soon.

This is nothing like One Day. In Ben’s words, “That just focuses on one particular day every year, but the two people still interact throughout the year like normal. Fallon and I have no contact.”

Yup, guys, Ben and Fallon have zero contact with each other.

What do you think? Will this relationship work? Or will their past scars eat them alive?

Grab Colleen Hoover’s November 9 to find out.

November 9 Book Review & Summary: Big Spoiler Alert!

To be really honest, I have mixed feelings towards November 9. I mean, so many things about this novel are fundamentally wrong.

But then again, CoHo has approached love in an entirely different way that is worth the appreciation. With this book, she has slammed on the faces of those who think twisted love can’t be pure.

Ah! Can you feel my struggle, too?

Let’s talk in more detail.

1st November 9: The Story Begins Here

Colleen Hoover breaks the plot with a conversation between Fallon and his dad, Donovan O’Neil, the famous actor. You can literally see how pissed Fallon is at her dad. Umm… Can you even blame her? Her dad is a jerk.

One minute into a story, you will already realize that Fallon, a spontaneous soul, has a scar to carry. Nope, I am not talking about those mental traumas or maybe that, too. But 2 years ago, on 9th November, when she was 16, her left side burnt in a fire accident.

Where did it happen? In his dad’s house.

What was his dad doing? He ran out of the home, forgetting that Fallon was sleeping upstairs.

Told ya! He is a jerk!

The fire put an end to her acting career and her self-esteem. She has been detached from dating since then and is literally living her life in hiding.

So, when this handsome boy gives her a pleasant look, she gets nervous. Hasn’t he noticed that big scar on her face, or is he just blind?

Focusing on her dad again, Fallon finally spills out her reason to meet him today. She is moving to NYC to try her luck on Broadway.

Donovan O’Neil does not look satisfied. Who is going to hire Fallon with that big scar on her face? Come on! She needs to be practical.

If you don’t, I am going to say this. But yes, Fallon’s dad is a dick.

Seeing no remorse or motivation in her dad’s eyes, Fallon is all set to end their lunch. But right then, our hero enters the scene (or should I say he was already there?).

Remember the boy giving looks to Fallon? He sits beside Fallon out of nowhere and cuddles her in front of her dad.

That’s not all. He introduces himself as Fallon’s boyfriend. And honestly, he almost rescued Fallon from her father.

Now the entire scene might sound cheesy, and damn! Many of you might want a prince charm to save your day.

But let’s not forget that touching a woman out of her consent is molestation. There is no way I am going to glorify this act.

However, Fallon has no problem. In fact, she is enjoying this erratic yet attractive boy. Oh, I haven’t introduced you all to our hero. Meet Ben, an aspiring writer.

After getting out of the restaurant, Ben and Fallon start talking, and they can’t stop. Butterflies in the tummy and the flashy cheeks. This teenage couple is crushing on each other faster than the speed of light.

But hello! Didn’t I say Fallon is moving to NYC? Today?

She already regrets her decision. All she wants now is to spend more time with Ben. In those few hours, Ben has made her realize that her scars are her essence and she should not be ashamed of them.

No one has ever said this to her. It seems God has sent this boy, especially to her, and she is moving to the other side of the country. What timing!

Ben feels understood when with Fallon. He has no clue why he jumped into the conversation of two strangers, but he just did. And now he thinks he might be in love with this lady.

Yet, they can’t be selfish to abandon their dreams. Ben can’t stop Fallon from moving. So, the only option they have is a long-distance relationship.

But we all know how that works. Yup, it ends in a mess. And Fallon wants no serious relationship until she is 23, anyway.

What can they do? Why don’t they meet once a year, on this very 9th of November, until Fallon becomes 23? In the meantime, they will have no contact. And guys! That’s how this twisted story began.

November 9 Plot Twist

2nd November 9: Will They Both Show Up?

Thank God! Fallon shows up and meets Ben at L.A.

As Ben drives Fallon to his home, they start catching up. Ben began to write their story, and Fallon was flaunting her confidence.

Ben and Fallon are meeting after 1 entire year. So, I do not have to mention the sexual tension going on between these two. Right?

Moving forward, Ben introduces Fallon to his family. Ben’s mom is dead. So, his brothers, Kyle and Ian, are his only family. Jordyn, Kyle’s fiance, a sister-like figure to Ben, is the latest addition to this madhouse.

Ben’s family is warmer than Fallon has imagined. They are the kind of people who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Anyway, this second meet of our teen couple was almost a hit. Ben is head over heels for Fallon, and he knows she is the one. But respecting their agreement, they part ways, hoping they will meet next year.

3rd November 9: A Tragedy Unfolding

Ben is to visit Fallon in NYC this time, and she has planned their days out. She is on the verge of a breakdown when she finds out Ben is not coming. His brother, Kyle, is dead, and the worst part is that Jordyn is 3 months due in her pregnancy. He has to be there for his family.

Fallon just knows that Ben needs her now, and there she is, knocking at Ben’s door. Heartbroken by his brother’s death, Ben feels relieved seeing Fallon.

It might sound gross, but Fallon and Ben have their first sex in between these mournings. Soon, they figure out that it is impossible to stay apart. They should end whatever idiotic plan they have signed up for.

But Fallon takes a step back. Ben has an agent for his book, and Jordyn needs him. She can’t be this selfish.

Ben literally begs Fallon to stay. But Fallon leaves anyway, for Ben’s good.

4th November 9: Surprise, Surprise!!!

Fallon is waiting for Ben, unsure whether he will show up. Last time, when she left, things were messed up. She only hopes that Ben understands that she loves him. To surprise Ben, Fallon has moved back to L.A.

When Fallon catches a glimpse of Ben, she feels so relieved. But wait, who is this baby with him?

Ben looks more than normal, not unhappy or angry. He introduces Fallon to this little Champ, Oliver, Kyle’s son.

Seeing Ben taking care of Oliver makes Fallon fall more deeply for him. She enjoys every bit of interaction between this uncle and nephew.

Then the truth bomb drops! Ben is with Jordyn now. After Fallon left Ben, he was distressed, and Jordyn was already mourning. The grief brought them closer.

I almost cringed out hearing this part. Ben has mentioned more than once that Jordyn is a lot like her sister. How could you sleep with your sister, dude? And please have some shame. She is the wife of your dead brother.

Of course, Fallon can’t take the truth and leave, telling Ben that this drama is over.

5th November 9: The Biggest Twist Loading

Fallon is sulking over everything. She can’t move her mind from the fact that today is November 9, and she is not meeting Ben.

To clear her head, she goes on a date. And you know they say that love always finds a way? Ben drops uninvited into the party and steals Fallon from her date.

Fallon is pissed and angry at Ben. She might kill Ben only if it were legal. Ultimately, she surrenders to Ben’s cuteness and gives him another chance.

Ah! So, the Fallon-Ben love story is complete. I wish it were that simple.

Fallon accidentally stumbles upon Ben’s manuscript. As she flips through the pages, her jaws drop, and her world comes spiralling down. Ben started the fire that took away almost half of her.

At first, Fallon thinks Ben has mixed his imagination with reality. But the level of detail and honesty is screaming out at her that this is a real story.

When Fallon confronts Ben, he just nods yes. Fallon’s world is shattered. She has loved a monster. This person has been lying to her from day 1.

She is not ready to hear any explanation. Fallon files a restraining order against him. She wants to do nothing with Ben.

6th November 9: Do Fallon and Ben End Up Together?

One year has passed. Fallon can still feel Ben’s presence, the betrayal. Today is November 9 again; she just wants this day to pass.

Do Fallon and Ben End Up Together in November 9

In the meantime, she receives a parcel. Ben has sent her the manuscript he has written. He wants her to know the entire story. Though Fallon wants to throw those pages away, she starts reading. And when she is done, she is in tears.

She has hurt Ben. She has never realized that she is not the only victim of the fire. Ben has lost something, too.

That day, on November 9th, Ben’s mom committed suicide. When the body was moved, Ben went on his own investigation. What could have killed his mother? He deserved to know.

Donovan O’Neil!

His mom was in an affair with this famous actor. Ben assumed that this fucker was the reason his mom took her life. He drove to Donovan’s house only to find out that he was barely grieving.

Ben burst into anger and set the house on fire. He had no intention of killing Donovan. He wanted to make him suffer.

What else can you expect from him? He was just a teen who had found his mom dead!

After reading the suicide note, Ben came to know about the real reason for his mom’s death. She had cancer, and she did not want to burden anyone with her life.

This confession broke Ben from the inside. He had punished an innocent man. Ben was stunned when he found out that Fallon, Donovan O’Neil’s only daughter, got injured in that fire.

Ben was following Donovan O’Neil from the cemetery that day in the booth. It was his mom’s death anniversary. He was eavesdropping on Fallon and Donovan O’Neil’s conversation and felt guilty for Fallon’s condition.

He jumped into the ship to support, but he ended up falling in love.

Fallon, being the bigger person, forgives Ben, and they become the couple we crave.

If you ask my opinion, I was sure Ben loved Fallon. But the last chapter changed my mind. Was it a pity? Did he come forward just because he felt responsible? I still can’t figure it out.

These November 9 Characters Just Sweethearts

You have to admit. Colleen Hoover does not always do justice to the side characters. But on November 9, you can’t complain about any faces.

Sure, Ben and Fallon have received the most attention. Yet, the side roles have outstandingly played their parts.

Here are more bits on all November 9 characters,

Benton James Kessler

If I have to describe Ben in two words, it would be Cheesy and Pervert. But he is not a fuckboy. He is more sensitive and caring than you can imagine.

Ben takes care of his family with all his heart. He has been a pillar in Fallon’s life. He is the reason Fallon turns out to be so confident in the end.

I felt like Ben could have told Fallon about the fire incident earlier. Though Fallon has forgiven him for everything, I could not. I understand his mom was dead, and he was not thinking straight. Yet, if your anger could lead you to such destruction, you have serious issues, my friend.

Fallon O’Neil

Ah! Fallon’s character is solid. Her lack of confidence is understandable. I doubt how many 18-year-olds will go out with a half-body burn.

She is a fighter, without any doubt. No one would have dared to move to NYC to pursue a character on Broadway with a scarred face. I am really happy that she has finally found her passion.

Fallon is observant and intelligent. But I mostly appreciate her determination. She could have selfishly stayed back with Ben, but she didn’t. She has a strong will that makes her the star of the book.

Other Characters

You can’t but hate Donovan O’Neil in the beginning. But when I saw his situation, I pitied this character. He was just concerned about Fallon and got misunderstood.

And about Amber and Glenn, these two deserve the ‘Best Friend’ awards. I cheered for them when they took a stand for Fallon against Theo. You can catch their fun friendship details in the book.

My Final Thoughts!

November 9 has a plot similar to One Day. Predictable? I say you give this book a read. You will be surprised. The twist is totally unexpected, and Ben’s poetry complements each meeting even more.

And don’t worry if you are not up for a series read. November 9 is a non-series, standalone book. This novel is highly recommended for those hopeless romantic lovers and those who believe in magical love.