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How Much Does Colleen Hoover Make Per Book? Sales, Worth, and Lifestyle!

Around 10 million dollars of net worth, 10 more bestselling books, and 20 million copies of book sales speak about Colleen Hoover’s financial success as a writer. She is now one of the richest authors of the world with millions of readers and fans. Her followers and critics often ask about how much does Colleen Hoover make per book?

How Much Does Colleen Hoover Make Per Book

Here is the answer with a close explanation about Colleen Hoover’s financial life. Though the average income per book fluctuates, we will try to figure out her average earning per book.

So, let’s have a deep dive into the books sales, net worth, and growth of Colleen Hoover as one of the bestselling authors of the recent decades.

Getting To Know Colleen Hoover – The Writer

Colleen Hoover began her writing journey on a borrowed laptop. One of her first manuscripts, which was intended as a Christmas gift for her mother, turned out to be the one that bolstered her career as a writer. The book was none other than her 2011 best-selling romance novel, Slammed.

After facing many rejections from publishers, Coho went ahead and self-published Slammed. Soon enough, it climbed up the best-seller list. Point of Retreat (2012) and This Girl (2013), prequels to these series, soon followed suit.

However, 2022 was the year of rein for Colleen Hoover. Coho unlocked the key to her marketing strategy and began to rule Booktok ever since. No other would beat the spot of Colleen Hoover most popular books.

There was trouble in paradise for Colleen Hoover when a Twitter user came forward with allegations against Colleen Hoover’s then 21-year-old son, Levi Hoover.

The Twitter user claimed that Levi sexually harassed her back when she was just 16 years old, along with screenshots of her notifying the incident to Colleen Hoover.

Colleen Hoover dismissed the allegations by addressing them on Facebook in the statement — “Things being said about my son aren’t accurate. People commented that I blocked a girl for informing me that my son sexually assaulted her when she was sixteen. This absolutely did not happen, and this is not even initially what was said by this person.”

Since then, there have been no updates from the person who came forward with the allegations.
However, when Colleen Hoover released this statement, many users and previous fans of Colleen Hoover began urging everyone on social media to boycott her. Some even went far enough to discard her novels from their book collections. We’ve recently covered the entire debacle in our article on this Colleen Hoover controversy and more. Feel free to give it a read.

Excited to learn what earned her this glorious place on our bookshelves? Keep on reading to find out the best Colleen Hoover books!

10 Bestselling Books of Colleen Hoover that Make Her Rich!

Colleen Hoover has peaked her name and fame in contemporary literature with a couple of bestselling books in recent years. She is literally ruling the bestselling list of the New York Times. Moreover, she is one of the proud winners of the Goodreads Choice Award three times.

Here are Colleen Hoover’s ten bestselling books that make her one of the richest novelists.

Serial NumberBook NamePublishing YearCopies Sold (approx)
01Slammed2012Over a Million
02Hopeless2013Over 150k
03Ugly Love2014Over 200k
04November 92015Over 120k
05Confess2015Over 100k
06It Ends with Us2016Over Nine Million
07Without Merit2017Over 85k
08Verity2018Over Two Million
09Layla2020Around 100k
10It Starts with US2022Over Three Million

How Much Does Colleen Hoover Make Per Book?

Millions of fans follow Colleen Hoover on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking sites. They have a strong attraction to know about her personal, professional, and financial life. Furthermore, someone wishes to wit how much Colleen Hoover makes per book.

Disclosing the exact figure of return made by an author against per book sale is hardly possible. And most writers love keeping their financial side secret from public nuisance.

However, I will share my insights with you to break down Colleen Hoover’s royalty, earnings, and worth against her copies of books sold. So, you will get a feasible idea about her profit per book.

According to the New York Times Report, Colleen Hoover has sold more books than James Patterson, Dr. Seuss, and John Grisham in 2022. By October 2022, she had sold around 9 million copies of her books, which seems more than the sales of the Bible.

Colleen Hoover’s financial success started with her self-published debut novel ‘Slammed’ that was ranked in the bestselling list by the New York Times. The heart-wrenching novel brought Hoover in the literary limelight with millions of fans worldwide.

Like other bestselling authors, Colleen Hoover has both self-published and traditionally published royalties for her different books and series. For example, Slammed is her self-published novel that returned her a huge amount of money against over one million sales.

With a few exceptions, authors usually enjoy 35-70% of royalties against their self-published books. Now, you calculate the royalty that Colleen Hoover made over her first book Slammed.

Verity is Colleen Hoover’s another phenomenal self-publishing release that hit over two million copies of sale by December 2023. She made a remarkable amount of royalty ranging between 35 and 70 percent by selling the book.

Our explanation will be incomplete unless we talk about the overwhelming response and success of ‘It Ends with Us’. The most mesmerizing book by Colleen Hoover that turns into a classic choice by readers with over Nine million sales by the end of 2023.

It Ends with Us is also a self-published book by Colleen Hoover that mounted her financial success. This novel named her the New York Times bestselling author with record-breaking sales worldwide.

Over three million readers return with the sequel ‘It Starts with Us’ of the It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. She published the book in association with the famous publisher, Atria Books.

Unlike self-publishing, bestselling authors like Colleen Hoover share 5-15% of royalty in traditional publishing. It Starts with Us is such a traditionally published book that cut a great sales figure and generated tremendous revenue for Hoover.

Therefore, we can say that Colleen Hoover may make thousands to millions of dollars per book based on the number of copies sold and the nature of publications. And as a self-publisher, she enjoys lifetime royalties in most publications. Thus, she is the richest novelist of this era.

How Much is Colleen Hoover Net Worth?

There is much hue and cry about Colleen Hoover’s net worth among her followers and critics. I hope that you have already had an idea about the net worth of the writer who owns the book like ‘It Ends with Us’. Different media claim her net worth ranging from $6 million to $10 million.

Book sales, royalties, publishing deals, television adaptations, merchandise collaborations, and public speaking contribute to Colleen Hoover’s net worth. However, the author’s real net worth stream may vary from our estimation as a hidden issue.

Does Colleen Hoover Do any Charity Work from Her Earnings?

Colleen Hoover is well known for her charity endeavors and works. She donates a remarkable portion of her net worth to different organizations for humanitarian jobs. Furthermore, Hoover and her sister have developed the Bookworm Box to support charitable institutions through the love of reading. The impact of their philanthropic program is overwhelming with 400+ charity recipients, $1 million more donations, and 500+ authors promoted so far.


Colleen Hoover continues to rule the bestseller lists with her blockbuster books. She has already dominated the bestselling list of 2022 with six out of ten bestselling books of the year.

With 20 million more copies of book sales, she is now one of the richest writers in the contemporary literary world. Her net worth reaches $10 million by the end of 2023.

She makes more royalties from her self-published books than traditionally published books. However, the actual amount of royalty depends on the total number of sales, country of sales, and price. Unlike others, Colleen Hoover makes more money per book as a bestseller author.