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What To Do With Old Textbooks? 11 Exclusive Recycling Ways for Those Outdated Things

Books may be older, but knowledge is forever. So, you can do all the fantastic things with your old textbooks. Here, I’m to share some great ideas for getting rid of your old textbooks.

What to Do With Old Text Books?

No matter! Whether you are a high school, college, or university student. This article will help you to find your favorite ideas to recycle and reuse your textbooks instead of wasting them.

For instance, you can donate your textbooks after the completion of your academic year to assist future students. It is a generous way of helping someone with old textbooks.

Therefore, let’s unveil more mesmerizing ideas to do with outdated textbooks.

How to Give Old Textbooks a New Life

We usually place our old textbooks on the forgotten corners of our bookshelves. We often pay little heed to these old books and let them decay with no care. However, our old textbooks can be excellent sources of knowledge for someone and money for ourselves vice-versa.

You can make a significant difference with your old textbooks by reusing and recycling them. It will also help you to avoid ethical and environmental issues caused by your old books.

So, no more talks. Let’s give your old textbooks a new life today!

1. Donating Old Textbooks

Donation is one of the best ways to do with the old textbooks. You must find someone who needs your old books. The future students can save their money by receiving your old books.

If you cannot find someone by yourself to donate your old textbooks, you can meet the local libraries, charities, and reading clubs to bestow them. It is a hassle-free path to donate books.

2. Selling Old Textbooks

Who doesn’t love making money? I hope you won’t miss the chance if it is by selling old textbooks. Yes, you can sell your old books that have already served your academic purposes.

Here, the buyers will also benefit financially by buying old books instead of spending on new textbooks. You can make a great deal of money by selling your old textbooks on Amazon, GoTextbooks, eBay, Bookbyte, BookScouter, and Cash4Books.

3. Making a Free Bookbox

A free bookbox with old textbooks can make you a hero to others who need these books. You can install the free bookbox in your college campus, nearby public park, and neighboring street.

Making a little free library with wood, plastic, and other materials may require some expense. Here, you can take a DIY (do it yourself) project to lessen the cost of creating a free bookbox.

4. Crafting and Decorating

You can turn your old textbooks into home decorations, crafts, ornaments, and even furniture. Using their old textbooks, many make knife blocks, functional furniture, and daily organizers.

Furthermore, the old textbooks are great for crafting exclusive Halloween book decors. You can use your old books for ghost cuttings, making pumpkins, spellbooks, page wreaths, and book fires.

5. Decorating Bookshelf

If you have a remarkable number of old textbooks, you can store them on a bookshelf in your living or guest room. It also resonates with one’s personality and promotes the room’s beauty.

In this regard, you don’t need to spend more money to decorate your bookshelf with new books. Moreover, you can put your used textbooks on your bookshelf to make them more presentable.

6. Trading Old Textbooks

You can trade your old textbooks with your friends and familiar or even unfamiliar people on social media marketplaces like Paperback Swap, BookMooch, Student2Student, and more.

Trading textbooks lets you share your books with someone badly looking for the book. At the same time, you can find your desired books from others on these book trading platforms.

7. Shipping Old Textbooks

Sometimes, someone far from your state or community can search for your used textbooks. Here, shipping old textbooks can be a great way to contribute to overseas students’ studies.

Moreover, shipping old books to the prisoners is another generous job. However, you must go through more policies and procedures to ship used books from one state to another.

8. Wrapping Gift Items

If you love DIY gift wrapping, using old textbook pages to wrap the gift item can be an exciting idea. It makes the recipient more curious about the surprise gift you have covered.

You can apply different designs and styles to make the wrapping more presentable to your beloved one. However, don’t forget to attach a pretty ribbon on the wrapping page.

9. Making Scrapbook or Memory Journal

Applying some crafting ideas, you can transform your old textbooks into scrapbooks or memory journals. It is an interesting idea to treasure sweet memoirs, photos, and moments in empty books.

Moreover, you can add handwritten notes and heartfelt scenarios inside the textbooks to make them more memorable for your friends and classmates. It will be a personalized gift indeed.

10. Making a Secret Storage

You can use your old textbooks to make a secret storage to hide your personal items like jewelry, coins, and more. This storage will work as a private container to secure your personal items from your friends and family. However, don’t forget to take a high-volume textbook to make a safer and smarter storage.

11. Recycling Old Textbooks

If the above options don’t work, you can recycle your old textbooks to protect the surrounding environment from unwelcoming pollution. Recycling will give your old textbooks new life with new words, chapters, and covers. It is better to recycle than to send them to the trash bin. However, you must meet the state safety guidelines to recycle your old textbooks.

Here is more to learn about the things to do with the old textbooks. Explore relevant answers to the related questions about using the old textbooks.

What to Do With The 30 Year Old Textbooks?

You can donate, sell, reuse, and recycle your 30-year-old textbooks. Check whether the textbooks are in fair condition to donate or sell. These antique textbooks can be great sources of academic learning for students, teachers, and researchers. Therefore, you can place them in the bookbox of your college campus or enlist them in your college library.

What are International Programs to Donate Old Textbooks?

Donating old textbooks to international organizations is an outstanding job. There are different international book donation programs like Books for Africa, Book Aid International, First Book, Better World Books, International Book Bank, and more to donate textbooks and contribute to millions of students worldwide.

What to Do With Old Textbooks for Free?

You can do some exciting things with your old textbooks for free: a) donating to someone, b) decorating bookshelves, c) making a little library, d) wrapping gift boxes, e) transforming them into storage, and more. Moreover, you can use them for Christmas and Halloween crafting ideas.

Concluding Comment

If you have a bunch of old textbooks, now it’s your turn to do all the amazing things with these old books. You can make money by selling them or be a hero by donating to future students.

Moreover, the old textbooks can be an exciting reservoir of your sweet memoirs. You can feel nostalgic about the forsaken moments and events attached to your beloved classmates.

However, if you cannot donate and sell your old textbooks, recycling will be an ideal way to keep your room clean and save the planet. So, don’t hesitate with your old textbooks anymore.