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What to Write in A Book as a Gift – Book Inscriptions Templates for You

When you have already chosen books to gift someone, you’re on my top list.

I’m biased towards people who read books – I might form a cult just because I like the kind presence of old wisdom.

What to Write in A Book as a Gift

Picking someone worthy of that kind of gift is itself work, and since we are the “Word People,” we ought to leave our gracious presence in every piece of that literature. But, what to write in a book as a gift makes you a little bit nervous, Let’s just assume the world works in that way.

Writing anything on the front page of the book as a souvenir is work-work, and I’m dramatic enough to include every piece of emotion converted to words on the very first page.

Who are you Gifting the Book To?

I accept it is a lot of work.

You’re giving it to someone who you consider worthy, and the book signing messages write-up should be something that reminds them of you and that should be something that makes them happy, too.

The easiest way out is to write something straight out of your heart. And that should depend on the person you’re gifting this book to. If you are gifting someone’s kids, you better choose comics or poetry books. Kids also love to get free story ebooks and they love to read them kindle on at bedtime.

Is it your teacher? Your friend? Your loved one? Your sibling (this should be fun)? Or is it just a formal approach?

This should be the primary question to get started. You can’t just slather humor when you are writing it to your teacher or saying good stuff to your sibling. C’mon, that never happens.

I’m going to state some examples of how to write a decent gift note message on the front, and you don’t have to copy it – you just need to get the etiquette and discipline that follows.

You are good to go if your teacher is as cool as mine, though.

Things To Write When the Book is a Formal Gift

Take your teacher as an example. I’ve seen tons of people gifting books to their mentors, and it’s the sweetest thing on the planet.

You cannot return the knowledge and guidance that they have blessed you with. Still, you can absolutely gift them a chance to dive into your mind to show how grateful you are to have their presence.

If I were you, I would have written something like this.

‘This is a token of my appreciation for your never-ending blessings upon me and as an apology for being such a pain in my school year. I hope you balance it out when you read some of your favorite poems here. I handpicked the original one to match your bookshelf – again, a token of my gratitude.’

Everyone loves a bit of wit in the text. It acts like an easter egg and catches you off-guard – in a good way, of course. If you are buddies with your teacher, you can write something like this.

‘Here is the book that you didn’t have and have mentioned exactly three times in the classroom. I know you liked it, and I definitely think you should dive into this. It’s more fun when you don’t have to write a paper on it. I appreciate your brain prof, please don’t kill me.’

Yep, it’s quite risky and only applicable if you are buddy-buddy with this specific teacher.

I know what you’re waiting for. Here’s that boring text that you write when you just don’t know what to do anymore.

‘I have learned quite so many things in my life, sometimes outside the academics, from you. This is my way of expressing my appreciation for your efforts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

I did so well. You’re going to bag straight A’s this semester.

Things to Write When the Book is An Informal Gift

Personally, I would just put on red lipstick and kiss on the front page because I love my friends that much, but you’re a sane person.

Friendships are subjective, and to each their own. If you have a formal relationship, it is easier to write something that thoroughly shows emotion. You can write something like this.

‘I’m so proud of your achievements this year, and I’m proud of who you have become today. I have seen you pray and struggle for this, and I wish you the very best on this journey while I give you this book on management that I think will be your second-best friend. This is just the first step of your upcoming success!’

This is when your friend gets their dream job or gets into their dream university. I prefer writing in an informal tone because they are your friends. They know you well enough to know what you are trying to say. But when emotions come in the way, the words fall short.

I know that, and I am here to help.

‘I saw this book in the library yesterday and got the knock-off because I love to piss you off. But it’s that book you have been talking about for the last 2 days wanting to read it, so maybe, don’t be that pissed? (I tried to get the knock-off, but you were lucky that day, congratulations).’

The whole thing is a satire, based on satire. This is what friends do, and that’s why they speak in real life. You can write a note for a friend who’s sick, writing something like, ‘This will help you kill that hospital time before it kills you.’ Maybe don’t use that dark humor. I cannot be blamed.

What to Write when Gifting a Book to A Grieving Person?

It might not be conventional in some relationships. Still, when you give someone a book that helps you heal a journey that another person is going through, it means a lot to them. A personalized note on the front page is just the cherry on top.

‘I know how it feels to have lost your loved ones. No amount of words of affirmation can fill that hollow. This book helped me a lot when I was going through the loss of my sister. I hope it does the same for you, too.’

See that personal touch that will motivate that person to read that book. A person who is grieving will always need supporting words and love – so the more, the better.

Gifting the Book to People Starting New Chapter in Their Lives

I love this one – you just cannot stop playing with words with this one. Someone might get married or might be having a baby soon and have proper exposure to descriptive knowledge. You can say something like this.

‘Nothing makes me happier than receiving the news of you going through this amazing phase of your life. I have gone through that, and I know how beautifully delicate the journey was. This book is what helped me push through the phase and taught me a lot about babies. Wishing you a healthy and safe journey!’

Yep, that is all you need to write to make a grown woman cry (Not because she is hormonal, no, don’t question my choice of words).

You can use the same template to give them books about marriage if they are getting married, life coach books if they are going to start something productive, etc.

Personalized texts have always been in a special spot in people’s hearts, and yours would be no different if you could follow this properly – what you would do if the words were from the heart.