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How to Get Free Books for Kids by Mail? I Will Teach You 14 Places & Hacks Today

TLDR: You CAN get free books for kids delivered to you, by mail.

Let it be the free sample sachet or a chocolate bar. I never say no to free stuff.

Don’t give me that upper-class attitude. Not everyone is walking with a bag-load of cash. And most importantly, free things are not always bad. Do you have doubts?

How to Get Free Books for Kids by Mail

Well, recently, I have come to know about these amazing websites and organizations that give away free books to kids, and toddlers. You just have to subscribe to the program, and there you go! Your little champ will receive books or magazines weekly or monthly bail mail without spending a penny.

Ah! This is so wholesome! A win-win for everyone.

Anyway, why don’t I share details of these programs? Read to the end, and you will know everything about how to get free books for kids by mail.

Let’s get rolling.

These Programs Are Giving Free Books for Kids by Mail

I am just impressed with the achievement of these charity websites. Collectively, they have catered to millions of kids all around the world with books. Some popular initiatives are,

1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

I think Dolly is the Robinhood this society needs. She has been running this amazing program since 1995. By now, she has given away more than 2.2 million free books. Can you imagine?

Dolly Parton’s charity library is available in 5 countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and Australia. The signup process is considerably easy. You just enter your address and some basic details. The next thing you know, a free book is waiting in your mail.

2. Dr. Suess and Friends

Well, I don’t know if Dr. Suess and Friends fits this category, but I will keep it here anyway. The books under this program are not entirely free. You have to pay the shipping charge, and that’s all.

Honestly, I have gone through some sample books and goodies of Dr. Suess and Friends. They look sophisticated, well-written, and perfect for kids. I wouldn’t mind paying shipping charges to get that package. It is definitely a great deal.

3. Read Conmigo

This is basically a bilingual literacy program for children. The organization focuses on teaching Spanish and English mainly to preschool kids.

Children and teenagers from unprivileged backgrounds can access the Read Conmigo digital library for free. They also receive one free book every four months by mail. Unfortunately, the program authority has financial limitations.

Hence, only the selected kids can avail of this free opportunity.

4. Lego Life Magazine

Kids love comic books. Considering the interest, Lego Life has designed a magazine with graphics, stories, and fun activities. And guess what? The magazine is totally free of cost.

Anyone from the 1 to 9 age group can subscribe to this program. Of course, the parents have to complete the registration and other formalities. Once done, the company will send the magazines to your home once every four months.

5. Barnes & Noble

Any book enthusiast is familiar with Barnes & Noble. But only a few actually know that the organization runs a Summer Reading Camp. The participant kids receive one free book by the end of this session.

I must admit. This is an excellent way to push young minds to read more books. Barnes & Noble has taken another wonderful step. The company offers free children’s ebooks on its website. So, do check them out.

6. Peta Kids

It might sound harsh, but I will say it anyway. Today’s kids are quite insensitive and arrogant. The best way to teach our kids humbleness and sympathy is by allowing them to handle animals. This will surely evoke a sense of emotion and responsibility in them.

Peta Kids, a youth program, promotes exactly this message. They hand out free magazines that will come in handy when homeschooling your children on different animals.

Anyone can sign up for this program! The organization emphasizes not only animal care but also promotes vegan ethics.

7. National Service Center for Environmental Publication

I know. No kid is interested in the gibber-gabber talk on nature. So, I request you to sign up for this program only if your child is fascinated by the greens.

NSCEP has launched a magazine of awareness. The piece is designed especially for the kids. It talks about how we should treat our mother nature and the ways to protect it.

Frankly speaking, the content quality of this magazine needs improvement. Otherwise, kids will get bored and throw out the paper anyway. Yet, I appreciate that the organization has decided to give voice to this crucial issue.

You Can Donate Your Old Books to Get A New One

Who would have believed it is possible to trade books with books? No kidding. Several programs from all around the world have made this impossible thing happen.

1. Little Free Library

The Little Free Library has a unique way of inspiring young readers. Sure, the program does not deliver books to your doorstep every week or month. Instead, it has approached for a more sustainable solution for the entire community.

You can donate your spare books or borrow one from the library through this program. The volunteers have installed free library boxes in under-developed areas. By now, the organization has installed more than 1 million libraries in 121 countries.

Teach your kids the beauty of sharing. Take him to the nearest Little Free Library and ask him to donate his old books. Don’t worry about his tantrums. He can also borrow a new book from the collection.

2. BookMooch

Do you have an old book at home? Are you done reading it? If yes, then BookMooch is ready to do business with you.

The process is quite simple. You mail your book to someone who needs it, and in return, you receive a piece you are looking for. Yup, win-win.

3. Maryland Book Bank

Imagine walking into a library and taking as many books as possible. Yup, with zero money. Isn’t that my childhood dream?

I feel happy seeing the Maryland Book Bank work so tirelessly for the kids. The non-profit organization has a mission to increase the literacy rate in children of all ages.

Kind souls from all around the world donate to this program. If you are solvent, I would request you to contribute to such initiatives as frequently as possible.

Other Ways to Get Your Hands on Free Books

Don’t just switch tabs yet. We have more options for you.

Umm..I can’t guarantee free books for kids by mail from these programs. But if you keep your eyes open, you will get more from them for sure.

1. GoodReads Giveaway

Don’t tell me you haven’t used GoodReads ever! This platform is a cult for bookworms. Do you know you can earn a book from this website?

Just write an excellent review of your favourite book. If the publisher likes it, he will send you a book of your choice. Kids above 7 to 9 years might be fit for this program.

However, GoodReads also arranges giveaways annually or occasionally. Just participate in the festival, and who knows, you might get the book you desire.

2. Free Ebook Services

There are hundreds (No, wait! Thousands) of websites offering their ebooks for free. You can sign up and request free online books for kids.

I am not a fan of pdf copies. Exposure to screens brings no good to children. So, you better print the copies and make a book out of them.

3. Local Community

Do you know your local libraries often give away free books for children? The kid might have to participate in a little competition or something. But if he wins, he will receive a subscription to the library and bundles of books.

4. Social Media & Charity

Not everyone wants to carry hundreds of books when moving houses. So, they just donate the books to charity. Some of them will post on Facebook, in case anyone wants to pick up some collections.

Join these communities. Trust me. You can get some vintage books if you are lucky.

My Final Thoughts

These free books for kids by mail distribution programs are still underrated. Parents are still not convinced about the benefits reading habits can bring to the plate (I am definitely not talking about the academic books).

Anyway, I believe we should bring more programs and install more libraries to make books accessible to all kids. This will not obviously solve the literacy issue. At the same time, it will give the world some great leaders.

Let’s end this write-up with a beautiful and meaningful quote.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglass.