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Never Never by Colleen Hoover Summary and Review: This Book Restored My Faith in Hoover’s Writing!

My humor has peaked since I buried the third book of ‘Never Never.’

Would I try this stunt again? Ever ever or Never ever? We shall know in a few minutes.

I’m back again with my heavily opinionated reviews, this time to save you time and money on books that are not me-approved. Everyone has unique tastes, so I’ll try my best to explain in a feasible way.

Enough of being diplomatic, guys, I’m literally on the verge of ranting if I don’t like a book, and I have reasons to do so.

Never Never by Colleen Hoover Summary

I’ve seen enough romantic books, and if you know me, I’m more into thrillers and mysteries – which is, like, the sole thing that’s missing in Colleen Hoover’s books.

Until ‘Never Never’ enters. This one caught my attention from its release date January 8, 2015, for reasons I’m about to share with you. Welcome to Never Never by Colleen Hoover Summary and Review written by yours truly.

Never Never Plot Points that Did It for Ms. Hoover

Never Never

The one that mastered thriller through romance. This is what I could say for the novel.

If you have already read the blurb, you know the deal. If you have not, I’ll explain it to you shortly. Pardon me if that’s the worst explanation of a novel you’ve ever read, but know that the origin was a Colleen Hoover novel.

The story is about Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash – from lovers to strangers. So, did Colleen Hoover just reverse her famous storylines? We’re not getting strangers to lovers anymore.

If you ask, she was on the verge of writing this same storyline if she could. Still, thanks to Tarryn Fisher, this collaboration saved us another predictable plot.

The story starts as both of them somehow lose their memory and are reminded of who they are by their mates.

They were lovers since they only realized their love for each other at fourteen (this is a Colleen Hoover book; please save your yap).

In just one random day, they both lose their whole memory of the world and themselves, which scares them, but they don’t know much about each other now.

Until they began to glue the pieces together – they finally got to the point of remembering bits to normalize everything, but all that went in vain when they lost their memory after 48 hours.

So now, the plot is that they were to discover the real identities, the reasons, the origin, the outcome, and all that thriller stuff.

And the catch? We have a time limit.

My Opinion on the Plot of The Book

So before everything, know that this book has three parts.

Is Never Never a Series?

Yes, it was at one point, but Hoover compiled three books into one, and I’m writing this review after reading all three. This might not be the best idea I have ever had, but let’s go with the flow.

You Won’t Find Anything Interesting in the Story

This is the part where I get brutally honest about this whole topic. To be frank, the plot is dull – really dull.

Here’s what I suggest you do so that you don’t have the same opinion or suggestions as me – Never read the blurb of this book. Just go in blindly without expecting anything in return.

That’s when you know you have nothing to disappoint. That’s one mistake I made in the first place that shifted my views and expectations from this book.

I’m a villain, and I do not have the best reading experience with Colleen Hoover’s books.

She’s been a ride-or-die, and it’s mostly died for me anyway. But I saw and read that Torryn’s been working on that project for a long, so naturally, the expectation scale was a bit above the average for this one.

Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t know who Terryn Fisher was until this book, but I had a good feeling about her creations – or that’s what I thought.

Man, was I wrong!

When I turned the first page, the whole book was a hook! I kept reading and turning pages… oh my god, I am reading and turning pages… of a Colleen Hoover creation.

That was my first reaction when I realized it. It was definitely a page-turner. That’s the thing about Colleen Hoover. She gets you hooked.

She’s a fantastic writer for those who missed their Wattpad stage growing up, and this book reminded me of the times when Webtoons were popular among teens.

I liked the first couple of plots. They were lighthearted, and I was reading so quickly that I was battling against the time, not Charlie and Silas.

I loved the feeling of getting into the context so severely that it made me forget what was happening in the real world – all thanks to the story-building of this book.

That didn’t last long, though, spoiler alert.

How Did The Middle Part of Never Never Story Go?

I’m a happy girl; I like my stories getting into my head.

I’m gonna slide the part where the plot is just surface-level. That is, you know everything and nothing at the same time. Colleen Hoover always does this exact thing, and this was no different.

I want to know the characters beyond their trauma and their connections to others. Who are you when you are not thinking of someone else or the trauma that gave birth to this book? This is a question I’ll never get tired of asking the CoHo characters.

I have a feeling I have to live a long time to get an answer to this question and let’s just hope that’s not the case in a few years. May the Hooverse prove me wrong.

Okay, so they lose their memory and have no idea who they are, and the world is getting more challenging for them. And the funniest part is – they still know where to drive, how to drive, celebrity gossip, week and days of the year – just not what matters to them.

It’s almost like their brain can detect, accept, and reject whatever they want. That killed the plot’s sincerity for me, and we are just getting started.

The setup, vibe, and the writeup is praise-worthy. I have heard a lot about the ending of this book, and I was excited to reach that part as soon as possible.

God took me ‘as soon as possible’ too seriously because I didn’t realize I was this close to the ending until I saw the word ‘Epilogue’ plastered all over the next page that I turned in hopes of getting answers to questions.

That’s it? Yeah, that’s Hooverse for you.

Never Never Ending Explained without Spoilers!

You know how you expect something to be so iconic that you outdo your imagination only to betray yourself in the end? That’s what happened to me in this one.

The whole thing is not some sci-fi we have all been waiting for. The reading pace was terrific, which makes you wonder if this was all worth it.

The memory loss or whatever that was, it was all because of a medical condition that is not even medically correct. That’s where you lost my support.

I cannot fathom the emotion or feel sad with you if I question your methods a hundred times throughout this journey. Also, the book was filled with overly teen romances that felt forced, and it still could not make me believe that these two really love each other.

I’d just give the story building a higher rating because I was hooked. The pages turn quickly, and the stories get you hooked real quick … until there’s no more.

The first question that popped into my head was, are there other pages of the book? Okay, excuse my broke ass. I didn’t buy the original CoHo book – it was a second-hand printed. I genuinely thought it had missing pages because that could be anything but the end of that book.

And that was the problem with this one. Intellectuals may call it a cliffhanger – the best cliffhanger of all time – but I found it extremely demotivating to read another Colleen Hoover book in the long run. Oh, Terryn Fisher’s, too – how can I forget that?

Never Never Novel Characters Explained

Here is what I do the best – criticize or praise characters with no mercy. Let’s start with the star of the show – Silas.

You know what’s the worst part? I like him. He’s sarcastic; he’s your typical rom-com hero, except this is supposed to be a serious thriller with puppy romance. The roles got reversed, though; it’s all severe romance with puppy thrillers. This also means there is no actual thriller in here.

Silas is a lighthearted guy, and the polar opposite is Charlie, the other star of the show. She takes everything seriously and is quite challenging on herself. Probably because of the anxiety or the restlessness of not knowing anything that’s about to happen, I didn’t dig her character this time. Other characters also did not significantly affect either of them, and you’d be frustrated seeing them making terrible life choices and not doing anything about it. But there’s a reason they are not in the real world, so there’s that.

I don’t have much to say because they genuinely were one-dimensional characters. I don’t know much about them as the book is on the surface level and has nothing to hold onto.

It’s an excellent, breezy read that was supposed to be thrilling, to the point that you would send life-threatening texts to the authors if they didn’t release a sequel.

Final Words

If there is a book that discouraged me from reading Colleen Hoover’s books more than I already did, this should be the title of that book. I have read other of her books, but this is where I draw the line.

I only read it because I heard all this stuff about the ending of this book. My takeaway is: Listen to those Goodreads reviews—all those people can’t be lying together.

I recommend this if you are looking for something light and fun for a quick. Honestly, this is your last resort. Still, it cannot disappoint you if you go all in without any expectations.

I like the story buildup and the environment it creates with the location, but that is not enough for me to recommend it to someone else without a strong content backup.

I will let this slide be the author’s one lousy book or lousy writeup in a while. Colleen Hoover should have edited some content when she was rereleasing this book in recent years, and she didn’t – which shows that people buy her books anyway.

So, if you need to give it a go, have your life experience. Read and read until you get a taste of all the works and finally be able to differentiate your style. That’s a win-win situation either way.