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Why Was Ugly Love Movie Cancelled? The Film Reverted Back to The Auth

Boy! Don’t we all want to feel young once in a while? And Colleen Hoover stand alone books give you just the dose of adrenaline you need.

Yup, I do regret reading Ugly Love Summary and Characters on New Year’s Eve. But it’s too late to complain.

Oh! Don’t give me that look. I know her writing makes no sense (at least to adults). Yet, I thought this time it would be different (Shit! Am I talking like a typical Colleen Hoover character)?

Why Was Ugly Love Movie Cancelled

Anyway, did I enjoy the book?

Let’s save my review for later and address one major conversation related to Ugly Love. Yes, the movie! The book adaptation of this novel was all set to go into production around 2015 (if I am not wrong). But the movie was called off suddenly, and no one gave a proper explanation (Hmm… Looks shady).

Why was the Ugly Love movie cancelled? I believe the CoHo fans deserve closure on this question. So, I put my detective glasses on and dug around the internet, looking for a clue. My findings? Here you go.

Let Me Rant! Please!

This section is for those lads who want a context on the book (or the movie).

Are Colleen Hoover’s movies predictable? To some extent, yes.

There was no exception to this rule with Ugly Love. Two hot, stunning youngs, Miles Archer and Tate Collins, fall in lust (I know, right). The sexual tension between this situationship couple (or should we call them friends with benefits?) is too hard to ignore.

Our gal, Tate, is not so good at keeping her promises, after all. She breaks the deal and falls for Miles (Come on! It was inevitable). Now, her only goal in life is to make her fairy dream come true.

Apparently, Miles, the emotionally unavailable guy in the story, shares a dark past. He was married and had a son. Their beautiful marriage ended after the little guy died in a car accident (Now, this was a tragic turn. I truly felt sorry for Miles).

Miles hasn’t got over that trauma yet. No wonder he keeps denying his feelings for Tate, making their relationship more complicated. But the more the denial, the hotter the guy appears (Typical Colleen Hoover). So, Tate is determined to make Miles fall in love with her, and she will do whatever is necessary.

Of course, in the end, Miles makes amends to his feelings and runs to Tate. They get married and live happily ever after. THE END!

Honestly speaking, I love the way Colleen Hoover writes. Her style is so tempting that I am forced to turn the page (Though the plot is mostly trash). I truly believe she is blessed with her pen. She can make any character look like a total God.

Anyway, my goal was fulfilled. I did feel young after reading Ugly Love. But didn’t I say I was stupid in my teenage days?

Ugly Love Movie: Where Did the Hype Come From?

Don’t consider me a Colleen Hover hater. I just prefer to be honest with my words. Now, it’s time for some more honesty.

Ugly Love plot makes no real sense. But boy! I must admit this novel is pure entertainment, which suits more on the screen. Yup, Ugly Love is the perfect movie material.

Producers might have read the room, and Boom! The announcement of Ugly Love – The Movie took over the internet in 2015.

Surprisingly, no big-budget Hollywood production was involved in the project. Instead, a small studio asked Colleen Hover to get on board to make this movie happen.

CoHo fans started drooling over the teaser. Why wouldn’t they? The trailer held the suspense of the story, introducing Miles’s face to the audience.

In any movie, especially the book adaptations, the casting is crucial. The readers have certain expectations from each character. If the star fails to bring that fragrance onto the screen, the film will receive backlash for sure.

Considering everything that Miles is and is not, his casting was perfect in the Ugly Love movie. The producers approached Nick Bateman.

This handsome hunk has the charm, the voice, and the look (He is made to play Miles). Not to mention that Nick looks absolutely sensual in uniform (Girls! Stop swooning over Nick)!

The teaser was only 1.24 minutes, with a glimpse of Miles and his famous quote, “Don’t ask about my past. And never expect a future.”

Tate was definitely in the trailer, but the makers did not reveal the star cast. The movie got cancelled before that. Fans favorite picks for this character were Camilla Luddington, Shelley Hennig, Lyndon Smith, and Caitlin Stasey.

There is not much information available on the side characters, either. However, the rumour was Cody Hackman would have played Corbin Collins, Tate’s brother.

CoHo fans were already dying to enjoy their favorite novel on screen. The casting of Nick as Miles just made them even more excited. But as I said, this movie never came out. Why? It’s time to disclose my findings.

Why Was Ugly Love Movie Cancelled? The Reasons

The book adaptation movies barely give you any satisfaction. However, once in a blue moon, you get a film better than the novel. Trust me. Ugly Love has the potential to make the audience bite. It’s just sad that the movie never came.

What could have happened to stop the makers from moving forward with the project? The teaser was out, and the casting seemed perfect.

Not only that. The marketing campaign of Ugly Love on Indie Go-Go was a huge success. Fans offered the financial support with open arms (It seems like everything went to waste).

Colleen Hoover was the one who took her social media accounts to announce the bad news. My speculations are,

Things Didn’t Fit Right with The Producers

Colleen wrote, “At this point, there is no current production in the works for this novel.” Another comment from this author grabbed my attention. She said something about not signing an option with the producers.

Her statements are vague on this matter. My assumption is that the small studio house could not handle Colleen Hoover.

Can It Be a Drama Over Creative Rights?

The authors sign over the creative authority of their books for the scriptwriting. The same shit happened with Ugly Love, too. Colleen didn’t comment on any fuss with the scriptwriter or director, but I could not cancel the possibility. After all, making a Colleen Hoveer book adaptation is not a cup of tea. The narrative and sequence are everything.

Read these lines Colleen wrote on the subject, “Please know that I have your best interests at heart, as well as the best interest for my books when I make these decisions. They aren’t always easy, and I’m not always right. But I have faith that this decision is the best one for right now.”

It seems like some creative fiasco was on the way. So, Colleen pulled the plug before it was too late.

Colleen Took the Blame

“The decision to halt efforts was mine alone. I don’t know if it’s the right decision, but I have to go with my gut.”

We don’t know what happened for sure. But it was so nice for Colleen to stand up on behalf of everyone linked to the movie.

It’s Just a Hollywood Thing

Ah, it might take some time if I start counting the movies Hollywood has cancelled for no solid reason. There can be some internal politics or a sign from God. Who knows? The norm of Hollywood might be the one to blame for Ugly Love’s misfortune, too.

Am I Disappointed?

I am not a die-hard CoHo fan and am not crying over the Ugly Love movie (I might not even watch it). I have no intention of knowing why was ugly love movie cancelled. The teaser gave a full 50 Shades of Gray vibe. But Ugly Love is more than that (except for the sexual tension). Let’s just hope the ‘Hollywood Thing’ gets over and the makers can surprise everyone with the movie.

However, if you are a book adaptation fan, why don’t you give courtroom dramas a chance? I highly recommend the Pelican Brief and The Firm by John Grisham. And if you want to explore more fantasy worlds, go give our page a visit.