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Sarah J Maas Interview: What the Writer Tells Us about House of Flame and Shadow

Yes, guys! It’s official! House of Flame and Shadow, the 3rd book of the Crescent City series, is all set for distribution on 30th January 2024.

Sarah J Maas Interview on Crescent City

You can’t imagine how long we’ve waited for a confirmation. To be honest, Sarah ended the last book, House of Sky and Breath, on a cliffhanger.

Bryce, our half-fae and half-human princess, opened the wrong gate and teleported herself to Prythian instead of Hel. And there she saw Ruhn, her half-brother. THE END!!!!!

What was Sarah thinking? Why was Bryce on Prythian? Isn’t it where the stories of A Court of Series Order take place? Will it be a crossover? And why was Ruhn already there?

Agh! I was floored! The suspense was killing me. So, I dug down on Sarah J Maas interviews to quench my curiosity. To my surprise, I think I have successfully cracked some secrets awaiting in this latest book.

Interested? Do not forget to make yourself a cup of coffee before you start. There will be some spoilers that can blow your mind (Literally!!). Shall we begin?

Let’s See What Sarah J Maas Interviews and Revealed Leading Up to Crescent City Book 3

I have watched countless videos and read blogs, threads, news, and whatnot just to get a hold of the House of Flame and Shadow. But apparently, everyone was just talking crack theories.

Those speculations soon took the shape of spoilers as Sarah herself started to clarify things in the interviews.

Frankly speaking, it was too much to keep track of, but I couldn’t give up. Anyway, my brainstorming sessions now come to an end, and I am going to give away the spoilers of this book.

Let’s address the hype theories and what Sarah has to say about those.

House of Flame And Shadow Is A Crossover: Welcome To Maasverse

The moment Bryce teleported herself into Prythian, it was clear that Sarah J. Maas was aiming for a crossover. Readers from the Court of Thorns and Roses series can relate to Velaris Prythian. It is one of the Faerie realms with rulers owning immense magical powers.

A multiverse of Sarah J. Maas is nothing impossible. She has dropped hints about Acotar and the crossover even in her first book of the Crescent City, House of Earth and Blood.

In an interview with Katie Fraser, Sarah said,

“I had planted seeds in all my series about the possibility of it being a multiverse. The worlds exist, but they’re planets and light-years away.”

So, the multiverse is finally alive. You will find Bryce communicating with your favorite characters from the Acotar series in the Crescent City 3rd book.

Bryce Landing on Prythian: What Now?

For context, Bryce tried to teleport to Hel to find help against Asteris. But as she ended up in Velaris, the readers were confused for a moment. Would Bryce be able to get the help?

In a Zoom interview with Katherine Webber, Sarah said,

“Basically, all she wants to go to a place to find help, and you know the magic works in such a way that she does go to a place where she’ll find help.”

Interview with Katherine Webber

It clearly indicates that Bryce will be friends with Rhys, Fayre, and the Acotar good-guy group. Well, I believe there will be some opinion clashes and trust issues in the beginning. But soon, both the parties will come to an understanding.

Asteri Wanted Bryce To Travel To Velaris

Bryce constantly called Asteries intergalactic parasites. There was one reference saying that Asteries were kicked out of Acotar.

The assumption is that Asteries have manipulated to re-open the gate of Vlaris. These demons want to plunder the people of Hel and Prythian, avenging the insult. (Wooh! That would be quite the twist)

Sarah J. Maas hasn’t confirmed this fan theory. But she said it’s true that the Hel and Val people together stood against the Asteries.

Ruhn Is Playing Against Bryce

The moment Bryce saw Ruhn in the Prythian, I screamed. I just learned to appreciate Ruhn, and maybe I started to trust him. Seeing him in Velaris when he was supposed to be at the Crystal Palace only made me hate him. Why would he betray Bryce after all this?

But then, after some time, I got the click. That was not Ruhn but Rhysand. Now, it all makes sense. Bryce was on Rhys’s planet, after all.

If you have read the Court series, you can hardly miss the similarities Ruhn and Rhysand share. Why won’t they? They are the descendants of the same family. Mystery solved on why two of Sarah’s characters from different series look and act so alike.

Where Is Ruhn Then?

While everyone literally hates Ruhn on the House of Earth and Blood, the second book has changed the scene. Sarah has brilliantly captured Ruhn’s side of the story, which, well, has touched every heart.

Of course, readers want more about Ruhn, and Sarah promises that there will be more character development for him. At the end of House of Sky and Breath, Ruhn was in the dungeons of the Crystal Palace, tormented by Rigelus.

Sarah mysteriously indicates that the readers will see some thrilling twists and turns in the dungeon. Apparently, she is experimenting with Ruhn’s character. She says,

“You should be worried about him (Ruhn). Cause what happens in the dungeon with him, it’s too much.”

I am guessing we will explore a lot of violence, sex, and swearing, at least from Ruhn’s end.

Hunt Deals With His Personal Stuff

Yes, Hunt was with Ruhn in the dungeon, where he noticed a halo on his head. This was enough to tell that Hunt owned a superior power. Assumptions are that Hunt is God or he comes from the family living on the planet before the Asteris took over.

When Sarah was asked about Hunt, she didn’t disclose much. But she assured the readers that Hunt’s lineage will be discovered in House of Flame and Shadow. Also, as hinted in the previous books, our hero is definitely not an average angel but something greater.

The Prophecies Come True

Azreil, the carrier of the true teller, found Bryce and took her to Rhys. He was surprised to see the Starsword with Bryce. The people of Valeris know the old Fae proverb, “When knife and sword are reunited, so shall our people be.”

My prediction is that Hel and Velaris, along with Fae, will dethrone the demons. But the battles and betrayals coming in the way will be too much fun to watch.

Bryce And Hunt Will Definitely Mate

God Bless my eyes! I am Team Hunt, and I have been rooting for this couple for so long. All those sexual tension and love angles will finally be over. They can be together now, romantically.

In one interview, Sarah confirmed that Hunt is definitely Bryce’s mate. She added,

“Since this is a spoiler talk, I will say yes, he is her mate. They are mates.”

Danika is Not Coming Back

Readers kept their fingers crossed, hoping that any magical power would bring Danika back. Sadly, Sarah has confirmed that there will be no such reunion. The author said,

“She (Danika) is dead, and as much as I wish she could be miraculously living, hiding out somewhere in secret, no, she is dead.”

It really puts an end to all the speculations about how Danika will be the problem solver in the end and all the nonsense. Well, I do love Danika, but I also find her annoying.

I understand she had her reasons to hide all those big things from her best friend, Bryce. Yet, this is a boo-boo on their friendship, I guess.

Remember Nyx? Here He Is…

Nyx is the newborn of Rhys and Fyere, featured in A Court of Thorns and Roses. This baby with wings will definitely be in the House of Flame and Shadow. He might or might not play a significant role in this latest book of the Crescent City Series.

So, You Have to Read the ACOTAR books for References

NOOOO! The ACOTAR series has 5 books on the list. I know you are all pumped up about the House of Flame and Shadow. But can you digest another fantasy genre crap?

If your answer is no, I have got the best news for you. Sarah said there was no need to read the Acotar series for backstory. She addressed,

“I want it to be satisfying and compelling for both fans of the A Court series and fans of the Crescent City series. [I want] to make sure the story can stand on its own.”

It means if you have already read the Court series, the House of Flame and Shadow is a dream come true moment for you. In case you wish not to read this series, worry no more. You are not missing out on the world anyway.

Sarah Says the House of Flame and Shadow Is About

All worlds connecting! Yes, Sarah says the fantasy of two worlds will make sense after this book. It explains the mystery hidden in the texts.

For example, the writer has talked about eight-pointed stars in A Court of Silver Flames. When Bryce teleported to Prythia, she had eight-pointed stars on her. So, there is definitely a connection there.

Also, Sarah added she wanted to experiment with how the people of Acotar, especially Raysand, would react to an alien (Bryce). Valeris is less technologically advanced than Crescent City. So, it will be a fun interaction.

Last Few Words

All these hints and theories have just made the House of Flame and Shadow more interesting.

I am quite sure the good guys are assembling against the bad force, and we are going to witness an epic battle. But you never know! Sarah can bring any unexpected twist and change the story altogether.

Even though Sarah said you really do not have to read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series to understand this Crescent City book, I advise otherwise. I strongly recommend that you finish the Acotar series first.

Trust me. Avenger End Game is no fun unless you do not know why Doctor Strange functions that way or why Iron Man is so quirky. So, the back story is important. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our opinion and prediction on the House of Flame and Shadow. Peace out!