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The acquisition of by is a talk of the town now. Readers, writers, and critics are busy calculating the good, bad, and worth aspects of the acquisition.

However, has officially confirmed the acquisition of They have also explained the reasons, purposes, and significance of the unification in a large context. Acquires

Expanding book genres is one of the aims of the acquisition. Fiction, non-fiction, bestseller, mystery & thriller, fantasy, classic, and more are the new realms for

As an acquirer, believes that this nexus will shift their sphere to the next level with more book genres. So, the readers can explore more writers and their books than ever.

Here, we will discuss all the unifying genres acquired by the Later, we will understand the aspects of the acquisition for both the acquirer and the readers.

Let’s move on.

A Few Words about

BookVibe is a renowned name for trusted book reviews of wider genres. Thousands of readers and viewers visit the website every day to get authentic book series guides from anywhere.

People rely on to read comprehensive and honest reviews of their favorite authors’ publications. It is an automatic choice by readers for invaluable book information.

Both fiction and non-fiction books are familiar genres to review by Furthermore, children, young adults, adventure, and thriller are common genres to review here.

A Brief History of Before Acquisition is also a renowned name for offering readers real reviews of fiction and non-fiction books. People love visiting this review site for writers and books of almost all genres.

Current bestsellers and author-signed books are special attractions of this website. Thousands of readers follow the site to find valuable information about bestselling books each year.

Furthermore, Metropolis Books is famous for reviewing mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, science fiction, and historical fiction books. Now these genres will be new sources for

What are Book Genres to Review by after the Acquisition? has brought more book genres under one umbrella to review through the acquisition of Let’s find all these book genres covered by the

1. Fantasy1. Memoir
2. Mystery2. Biography
3. Thriller3. Humor
4. Horror4. History
5. Romance5. Essays
6. Young Adult6. Philosophy
7. Science Fiction7. Travelogue
8. Adventure
9. Historical Fiction
10. Short Story
All Literary Genres Covered by Bookvibe at a Glance

Fiction Book Genres Covered by BookVibe is famous for its trustworthy reviews of notable fiction books written by famous authors. They cover almost all the wings of fiction like fantasy, thriller, mystery, and more.


In literature, fantasy is a genre of fiction that revolves around the imaginary universe. Fantasy writings feature an unusual relationship between natural and supernatural elements.

Most literary elements of fantasy fiction don’t exist in the real world. It is speculative in nature and follows its own laws, rules, and logic for the fabulous creatures of the literary setting.

Sarah Janet Mass is one of the bestselling authors with her fantasy series Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and The Crescent City. The books are fantasy lovers’ best choice.

Throne of Glass consists of the Crown of Midnight, Kingdom of Ash, Tower of Dawn, etc. Acotar consists of A Court of Silver Flames, A Court of Wings and Ruin, A Court of Frost and Starlight, A Court of Mist and Fury, etc.

Crescent City consists House of Sky and Breath, the House of Earth and Blood, and the House of Flame and Shadow.


Mystery is a mindblowing fiction genre that captivates readers’ minds with mysterious murder and criminal cases. Someone call it criminal fiction where a detective is the protagonist.

Readers cannot get out of the story until the mystery behind the murder comes to light. They keep their eyes on all suspects in the case led by the detective to find the factual resolution.

Louise Penny is a familiar figure in the mystery fiction genre with her great work in Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (Three Pines Mysteries) series. It offers readers real mystery & thrilling ever. This series consists of A Fatal Grace, Still Life, The Cruelest Month, How the Light Gets In, State of Terror, and more.


Fast-paced plots filled with tension, sensation, and suspense define the thriller fiction literary genre. It grasps readers’ minds to the story with ingenious plotting and continuous suspense.

A thriller fiction captures readers’ emotions with lots of twists and turns throughout the story. So, they cannot stop themselves from finishing the book before finding answers to all questions.

John Grisham is a renowned legal thriller writer and is best known for his Jake Brigance series. This series consists of A Time to Kill, The Firm, Sycamore Row, The Boys from Biloxi, The Pelican Brief Book, A Time of Mercy, and Sparring Partners.


Horror fictions feature the feeling of fear and terror through fighting storytelling and characterization. It presents supernatural themes in readers’ eyes like ghosts and demons.

Readers immerse themselves in the state of fear while reading a horror book. It leads readers to contemplate the horrific events, places, and characters in their lives for the horrific feelings.

Dracula by Bram Stoker is the most-read vampire fiction novel over the centuries. The Hunger is a popular historical horror fiction by Alma Katsu nominated for the best horror novel award.


As a genre of literary fiction, romance novels present romantic relationships between two or more characters. Love, affection, and emotion are key central elements of the romance genre.

Romantic fictions fill readers’ hearts with uplifting and affectionating themes. People love reading romance to escape their everyday realities and indulge themselves in pleasures.

Pride and Prejudice by J. Austen is one of the most famous romantic novels of all time. It Ends with Us is Colleen Hoover’s bestselling romance book based on her parents’ conjugal life. She has written a lot of books for readers like Colleen Hoover Books Reading Order Series, Hopeless Series, and Slammed Series. This consists of November 9, Reminders of Him, Never Never, Confess, Heart Bones, Too Late, All Your Perfects, Point of Retreat, Ugly Love, etc.

Young Adult

Young adult fiction is the fastest-growing genre of contemporary literature targeting readers between 13 and 18 in age. It is a transitional literary stage between children and adult fiction.

YA authors concentrate on struggling concepts for teenagers like sexuality, love, emotion, and affection to develop the stories. It encompasses thriller, mystery, romance, and si-fiction genres.

Suzanne Collins is the most known name for her great young adult novel The Hunger Games. Lord of the Flies is another exemplary YA novel by the British Nobel Laureate William Golding.

Science Fiction

Science fiction (Sci-fi) is a speculative literary genre that connects the concepts of advanced science and technology. It presents exciting stories like time traveling and space exploration.

Readers love science fiction books to travel to an imaginary world that doesn’t exist in real life. Though people of all ages read science fiction books, teenagers are mostly fond of this genre.

Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of the greatest science fiction novels by George Orwell. Michael Crichton has charmed millions of minds worldwide with his bestselling novel Jurassic Park.


Adventure fiction features excitement, romance, heroism, danger, and exploration. It develops the quest of conquering invincible things by the protagonist’s courageous steps and actions.

The thrilling plot of an adventurous novel involves a climax at every line and fascinates readers to the end of the story. However, it may overlap other genres like science fiction and fantasy series.

You can read the great adventure fiction Around the World in 80 Days by J. Verne, Treasure Island by R.L Stevenson, and The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians to get the real thrill.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is the popular literary genre that takes readers to the time, place, and events of the past. Authors use a real historical context to develop the story with their own imaginations.

There are various types of historical fiction, including documentary fiction, biographical fiction, thriller, romance, mystery, and more. It relates social, political, cultural, and universal themes.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is one of the bestselling historical fantasy novels with over 25 million sales. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is a highly valued publication of the literary genre.

Short Story

A short story is a prose fiction that carries a deeper message in a shorter length of time and words. Readers can read out a short story for between 30 and 60 minutes in a single sitting.

The length of a short story may be between 1000 and 10,000 words. You can find short stories in almost all fiction types, including fantasy, fable, thriller, mystery, horror, romance, and tragedy.

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry is the grand title of this genre. Ernest Hemingway has offered us all great short stories like The Killers. The Dead by James Joyce will be a decent read.

Non-Fiction Book Genres Covered by

The non-fiction literary genre connects readers to the world of real events, facts, people, and places. It is prose in nature that requires storytelling skills with empirical and accurate information.


Memoir is one of the most common non-fiction genres that reveals a writer’s own life. It narrates the authors’ personal experiences or parts of their lives like childhood, youth, and family phenomena.

Though a memoir looks like an autobiography, there are substantial differences between them. They differ in their structure, style, theme, scope, and philosophy with distinct features.

Confessions is a great memoir written by Jean Jacques Rousseau. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank tells us the author’s terrific experiences during Nazi Occupation in World War II.


A biography is a written story of an individual’s life authored by someone. It is a detailed description of a person’s life from birth to death that follows a chronological order of events.

Authors portray different aspects in a person’s biography that supersede basic information such as work, education, and relationships. However, it should be informative and interesting too.

Walter Isaacson has offered us an excellent biography of the iconic tech leader Steve Jobs. Oscar Wilde: A Life by Mathew Sturgis is the fullest account of Oscar Wilde’s unique life.


Humor nonfiction aims to amuse readers through satire, parody, and non-sense narratives. It delivers social commentaries and discusses daily issues ignored by people with humor.

Sometimes, authors use humorous episodes to present the harsh truth in the name of satire. As a nonfiction literary genre, humor includes comic books, magazines, and talk show memoirs etc.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah is one of the most celebrated humor books of recent years. You can also read The New York Times’ bestselling hilarious book The Yearbook by Seth Rogen.


History nonfiction narrates real events with historical evidence that represent the past. It tells the true stories through the authors’ storytelling styles and skills based on intense research.

Authors employ different social and political situations as primary or secondary sources to maintain historical legacy. Historical nonfiction works as great sources of verified information.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a great name in the genre of historical nonfiction. Guns, Germs, and Steel by the American Author Jared Diamond is another eminent piece of history writing.


An essay is a non-fiction literary genre that follows particular writing formats, including an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and an ending statement with the proper research.

Authors intend to educate their readers through scholarly statements, information, and proofs of their essays. It may be an expository, personal, and persuasive essay based on the purpose.

Thoughts of the Times on War and Death by Sigmund Freud, Once More to The Lake by E.B White, and The New Commandments by C. Hitchens are some of the great essays of all time.


Philosophy is the older literary genre of studying nature, knowledge, values, existence, reality, and reasons. It is much more informative and factual than the imaginary world of learning.

Philosophical study requires critical explanation and argumentation to reach a reliable conclusion. It aims to attain truth behind the fiction based on logical experiments and inquiries.

Republic by Plato is the perfect example of the genre filled with evergreen philosophical texts about society and politics. The Prince is another grand philosophical writing by N. Machiavelli.


A travelogue is a traveler’s memoir of traveling experiences of particular destinations like seas, hills, deserts, forests, and others. It is a truthful account of personal traveling experiences.

Readers can move with the traveler while reading the book. It lets them feel all the exciting moments that the traveler faced on the spot. So, it is a popular literary genre over the centuries.

The Nomad by Isabelle Eberhardt is one of the most read travelogs worldwide. Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger and The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain are also famous travel books.

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It has covered some classy-oriented informational content like How Many Books to Be Considered a Library to build up your first library. More to Read below-

How Worthy the Acquisition Is? has acquired to be a new leader in the book review realm. It has annexed more literary genres to its category to offer readers extensive learning scopes.

The followers and fans of the will get their desired book reviews on the same site. It will save their valuable time and effort to reach reliable book reviews of almost all genres.

Thus, the acquirer can reach more readers, authors, and followers to bring their growth to the next level. So, it was a worthy decision by to acquire


Acquisition is a normal phenomenon in most of the industries. For example, we have witnessed the revolutionary acquisition of by in recent times.

Thus, the acquisition of the by carries a tremendous impact on the book review industry. Readers, authors, and publishers are excited about the acquisition.

Readers will get more accurate reviews than ever after the unification of different literary genres. So, we hope that this acquisition will open a new window for reviewing and reading books online.

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